Augmented Reality


AR for Education
AR for Education

AR is an emerging concept in the field of education and which makes learning more interesting with creative interactions. With AR, students can now interact with the environment in the digital world in the same way they interact with the world outside.

AR for fun

Not just education, AR can help you enjoy your games more. AR game combines visual graphics and sound effects with the environment of users. AR games create a fascinating experience among users by providing the game with enhanced effects which make games more fun to play.

AR for fun
AR for fashion
AR for fashion

Fashion Industry is highly benefitted using AR. Have you ever wanted to try an outfit before making online purchase to ensure how it will look on you? AR is the solution to all your difficulties. Technology is changing; consumers can now visualize what the outfit will look on them using AR. With AR buyers can now virtually wear clothes, feel and smell its fabric with real life experience.

Blaze Success Story
Success Story

With thousands of AR apps coming each day, it needs an extraordinary app with superior features to sustain in AR gaming world. And one such example of top-notch AR game is “BLAZE”. Our team of developers added extra features in the app like video recording and sharing it on social media, particle effects, both 2D and 3D elements scanning in one single game and marker detection. The app not only just managed to sustain in AR gaming world but has also gained tremendous popularity amongst users.

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