10 Questions to Ask Before You Hire an SEO Company in India

There is nothing to deny that Search Engine Optimization is quite appealing to anyone who has a website. In simple terms it’s all about making your website draw a huge crowd in quickest way and outrank your competitor. But getting that privilege requires some effort. For this you need help from a reliable SEO company in India. The SEO company you choose must be a savvy and make sure that your website gets good response on search engines and boost with rankings. However, it is also important to make sure that these are the temporary results, but over long terms.


Here are 10 questions that you must ask before hiring an SEO expert or company:


1.  What is the goal with SEO? :

The expert must answer that he can create user-centric website with enough and valuable info to  draw inbound links. If he simply answers that he can improve with your page rank or manipulate search algorithms, then find for an   other expert.


2.  What is the link building strategy?

Remember inbound links will influence search engine ranking strongly. Linking to your   website should be done for a better user experience, therefore, an expert must be capable of making an ever lasting impact on SEO.


3.  How do they choose keywords?

Finding right keywords is imperative to make the website achieve good search result. He must  first understand the market, monitor competition and measure the traffic before choosing keywords for your website.


4. Do web developers know about SEO?

Make sure that the web developers are aware of many influential SEO elements like title tags, keywords, canonicals, alt tags and more.


5.   Will you give a complete new website?

The company must be capable of providing a completely new website than taking  the  designs and templates used for an other company. It should be absolutely unique.


6.   What are important factors of SEO?

SEO expert must be capable of providing the right answer for this that gives you 100%  satisfaction. If he hesitates or not able to answer you, then consider for another SEO company.


7.  Site architecture, is that very important?

Site architecture represents the way how your website pages are organized. This is very important for both user experience and SEO.


8.  What is local search?

This is something different from regular search. This mostly emphasizes on the geographical search and includes standard SEO tactics, including site authority, anchor text and more.


9.  Which analytics tool is used?

Look for the key performance indicators that are used by vendors. It is also important to ensure the  there is a constant and immediate access to website analytics.


10.  How is SEO success measured?

There must be a way to measure success of SEO. Therefore, make sure how to an expert ensures this for you for optimizing your website.

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