3 CMS options which can surpass WordPress

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WordPress, Joomla, ExpressionEngine, TextPattern – these are some names which appear in mind at the mention of CMS.


However, it does not make any difference. Everyone is familiar with big names and everyone has his favorite. While some use one CMS for solving every problem, some prefer another, as per the requirements of their job.


What matters the most is choosing a tool that suits you and the job you are attempting. That is why it is good to keep trying and looking for new tools. Shared here are some new and promising options which have been launched recently in the market. If used well, these can give better outcomes that the ones you are using now.


1. Bolt CMS


While it offers you common options like posts and pages, it has a lot more in store. If you have created customized post types for WordPress, then you will find it very easy to generate new content types. It is easy to define what you want to include in every content type, be it text, lists, images or lists of images.


As highly flexible template engine, Twig is used for templating, so you are not required to read and memorize PHP functions. Its small but ever growing extension library is an added benefit, providing full documentation to those who wish to create their own.



You can edit text files for changing many settings. This can be done using admin interface, which many users might find intimidating. That is why it involves some learning. Although it appears fine, it can be quite difficult to understand at times.


General impressions

Customizable and powerful, Bolt CMS offers many benefits but it lacks points at being user friendly. So clients must be trained for using it properly, along with giving them complete admin access. However people who have been already creating themes for WordPress will not find it difficult and can use it where flexibility and power is required.


2. Anchor CMS

Blogging is the main purpose for which Anchor CMS has been introduced. Its features and admin interface also reflect the same purpose. Admin interface gives a polished look, combining appeal with functionality. Markdown can be used for post formatting, where common options like tags, categories and custom fields are provided. Interfaces for editing metadata of your blog and creating extra site variables are also provided.


As theme creation is similar to WordPress, so you should be familiar with PHP loops which help in displaying the content.



Currently extensions are not provided, but it might be provided soon.


General Impressions


It is sure to benefit web professionals, as well as clients willing to learn markdown. Being simple, appealing and good at idea generation and execution, Anchor CMS performs its function quite well.



3. Pico

What differentiates Pico from other CMS options mentioned above is that it is flat file CMS. It does not have admin user interface or beautiful screens to write content or change settings.


The content you create goes in flat text files, uses markdown for formatting and directory for organizing. Creating and editing content, changing settings and switching themes, all can be done with your preferred text editor and file manager, making it an ideal choice for simple websites. Managing sites which have static content becomes easier with Pico. It also lets you expand particular sites easily by separating layout markup and content.


For creating themes and templates, Twig is used as template language. As mentioned earlier, markdown is used for formatting content, but HTML can also be added, as per requirement.




It obviously involves some learning, as editing site through text editor is not an ideal option for everyone. It always involves risks, like editing something in a wrong directory.


General impressions


Although it is powerful and offers satisfactory features, it might not suit every client project. This is ideal for managing small to medium sized size with primarily static content.


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