3 coolest Android apps to run businesses

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Time to New post now….Android is the one of the most usable and popular mobile platform which have lost of super features makes your phone smart phone.  But how can we run business by android in the mobile world.  There are lots of android apps but 3 coolest android apps which run your business are  going to discuss in this post.  So take a read.

Handheld technology has kicked the traditional modes of communication, revolutionizing are lifestyle as well as business needs. Gone are the days when you had to fill your desk with required devices to run business such as a telephone, registers, computer etc. Android has integrated everything in one palm size device to run your business more swiftly. While every creative agency in India has started rolling out Android app development services, here are some popular Android apps that we respect. They are robust and a source of reference for all Android developers worldwide.


Smartphone users have been extensively exploiting Bluetooth applications to transfer data amidst different phone sets, for long. However, a new Android app shall leave Bluetooth extinct and fade it way from your mind soon. Known as Bump, this is a fantastic Android app for business professionals.

All you need is just Bump the two sets together, which would automatically transfer important information such as contacts, mail ids, and others. It discounts on your time in manually selecting the items to be transferred. It works as a pragmatic alternative for maintaining paper business cards.

AK Notepad

Preparing notes is amongst the most common applications embedded across all operating systems. However, they vary in the service and capacity to keep you updated and thus we have a clear winner in this category as well. AK Notepad from Android is a smart app that complements your business needs and ensures brisk access to the immensely important points you had made either in a group meeting or over a telephonic conversation.

The best feature is the ‘reminder settings’ that alerts you according to the time set. You can also send prepared notes to yourself via email and SMS. Besides, it allows you to change the appearance and customize the visage by adding LED lights to the reminders section.

The Android app for business comes free and is available on Google Play.


Presentations are an inseparable part of running lucrative business and Android knows its need very well. A new app on the block helps you create and show presentations from your handheld gadget embedded with Android. It helps to stream presentation slides via WiFi on large display screens.

You may also use your phone as a remote to control the slides motion by simply swiping over the screen. Moreover, you can preview the presentation on your phone itself before delivering a real time lecture.

The supporting softwares are the MsPowerpoint and Office OpenOffice impress files. All important features such as animation, audio, video etc are included. All you need to do is download (free) Scattershow player on PC and embed the presentation into it.

In case, you wish to get an Android app developed to boost your business, selecting the best creative agency in India can be a tiresome activity. Ofcourse you are not completely versed with the technology that drives the development. However, referring the above apps to your developer can help you fetch lucrative output results.

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