5 Key Principles For Better Web Development

Hello All Developers and Programmers,


Every discipline, especially creative and technical ones, has their own set of best practices and principles that augment the quality and overall functionality of the final outcome. These best practices generally get developed from the challenges that people face time to time and their quest to find the most feasible and appropriate solution to the problems.


My experience in web development has helped me understand some of the imperative concepts related with web development and the ways to overcome the common challenges one may encounter during web development. Thus, here are 5 key principles for better web development:


Understand the life cycle of the developed product


When people develop the websites for the first time, it is really a fulfilling experience. But as the time passes, the website or the web application requires some new features and as the technology advances, some things become outdated. But, this implies that developers should understand that everything has a specific lifecycle and it cannot live beyond that. I believe the concept of CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) should be applied in the broader sense to improvise the web development. While creating, remember it is not something which is only meant to go live; rather it should be created to grow. While reading, give significance to fresh content, take updation as an imperative task and never be afraid of deleting the outdated web developments.


Understand the complication involved in CMS development


CMS development is quite different from the regular web development, and the developer needs to understand what all can be broken into simpler tasks and some things are complicated by nature. By clearly deciphering the tasks that are needed to be carried out and understanding the problems which need to be targeted is important.



Replication and repetition is not required


Innovation is the key, when it comes to successful web development. A web developer cannot ignore two principles DRY (Don’t Repeat Yourself) and SRP (Single Responsibility Principle). It’s imperative to use creativity and innovation, and an appropriate amount of pragmatism to develop captivating web solutions. However, understanding what amount of pragmatism is required to be applied is difficult and requires a lot of practice, reading, communicating, and understanding of failures.


While working on web development, always consider the immediate context of what you are developing and how it fits in the requirement, specifications and the bigger picture.


Explain yourself


I believe, it’s vital to convey your thinking processes and how you are innovative with your work. Though, there will be times, when you’ll realize that you are making some errors, but it gives use experience which cannot be accumulated otherwise. While we explain things, or even the errors that we have encountered, we seem to understand our work even better. I have realized this time and again, that when I explain some concepts to the other person, I develop a better understanding of those concepts myself too. So, indulge into longer presentations, as it will solidify your understanding of a particular subject and you’ll make yourself aware of the glaring issues which you couldn’t see earlier.


Learn and implement simplicity


It’s important to break down a bigger task into a number of smaller ones and take step by step approach to reach the bigger goal. If we complicate things right in the beginning, reaching the final goal seems impossible. But by breaking a task into simple steps gives the confidence as smaller victories start contributing to the final goal. There are three simple principles that one must always follow:


  • Break the bigger task into smaller ones, and know your current focus
  • Start a smaller task and finish it before taking the next one
  • Explain the things in the most simplest manner


If you are unable to describe the value of your present task in about 30 seconds or in an elevator pitch, then you need to break it down further.


Have a Nice day..:).. Thank you.


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