5 New Inspiring Illustrations

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Every Friday our readers get to see what we are offering in Design Spring, our free iPad app. And to provide the readers a good dose of creative designs and inspiration, we bring to you five wonderful imaginative illustrations, which have been created by some very innovative minds located in diverse parts of the world

Each and every design featured here is unique in some way. While some make wonderful use of complex shapes, others have used simple forms to depict what they wanted to say. These are not based on illustration only, as you can also see great graphic designs, 3D work, typography and much more through this app, which comes along with the facility to zoom and as well as a search option, to help you find what you want to see, quick and easy.

Pinterest Page

Making it more fun and easy for our readers to view our images, we have created a Design Spring Pinterest Page, which we believe will be a nice fit in the app. Feel free to have a look and if you feel like adding a few images of your own, then send in your details to us.

Design Spring is an endeavour to promote creative work and make others aware of how great designs are being created by people all over the world. We have something for everyone. Design Spring has followers of every kind, including designers who are looking for a platform where they can display their work and art directors who are seeking someone for commissioning. In short, if you are related to this creative field in any way, then this app is just right for you. So download it now and experience creativeness at its best.

Alexander Klement

He is a London based graphic designer. Enjoying a wonderful creative career, Alexander Klement worked for many prominent clients, such as Never Know Defeat and The Sunday Times. Renowned for futuristic approach and making unique use of simple shapes and forms, he has been able to create a niche of his own, having his followers in people who come from all walks of life and have diverse creative sensibilities.

 Skye T Steen

Skye T Steen is a graphic design student, completing his third year in South Africa’s Durban University of Technology. His specialization lies in digital art and illustration. He make brilliant use of complex forms, presenting something completely unique in the end, which appeals the viewers of every taste.


An innovative graphic designer, GledAbenjorlovest to produce high quality and strong designs. He is currently specializing in print designs and brand identity. The images created by him, although involve a few subjects but are a delight to watch and appreciate.

Chloe Batchelor

A former student of Edinburgh College of Art, Chloe Batchelor worked for various studios before coming up with a style of his own. Currently she is working and residing in Brighton UK and produces animations, screen prints and illustrations. Her work is a great example of how even primary colour scheme and some basic forms can be used to create astonishing work of art, which is subtle and understated in its own way.

Allan Jabbar

A freelance graphic designer, Allan Jabbar was born in the year 1990 and is currently based in Sulaimania, Iraq. He has been working in spheres of graphic design, illustration and photo manipulation since 2005. His strength lies in giving an amazing shape to unique ideas. Although these look simple, but his designs seem to have a deeper meaning and intensity than what is portrayed on the surface.

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