5 Reasons to choose php over .net

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There are lots of reasons which make php more desirable as compared to .net.  But today  I am sharing five important reasons to choose php over .net.  As we all know  that PHP and .NET are always the top two contenders whenever it comes to web development. While many claim PHP to be much more efficient at web development, there are countless supporters for ASP.NET as well who swear by its results. Following are the major benefits of PHP over .NET that can help you convince yourself why PHP is indeed a more prospective option.

Ease of learning

When it comes to ease of learning, there is no better web development language or tool than PHP. PHP was originally written in C language. Web designers greatly prefer PHP as it is easy to learn, grasp and implement. Its simplicity is its biggest advantage and makes it the best option for attractive and effective web development. Developers like to work with languages that are easier to understand and this is why PHP has such huge fan following in the developers’ community. .NET on the other hand is a very complicated framework and hence requires more time and efforts.


PHP delivers fast and smooth performance with both small as well as big website projects. PHP websites load faster and are also more responsive and intuitive as opposed to the ones that have been developed using .NET. Clearly PHP emerges as the winner when more effective and dynamic websites are desired.

Code portability

The best part about PHP is the high level of portability it offers. PHP code that has been written and compiled on any one particular OS can be run on any other OS or web server very easily. On the other hand .NET code has to be changed slightly if it has been developed on IIS server and now has to be transported to any other web server or OS.

Development cost

Since PHP is open source, it’s completely free of cost and websites developed using PHP undoubtedly entail lower costs of development. On the contrary, .NET has to be purchased by paying a particular amount of fee and hence websites that are developed using .NET have more development cost. Most developers all around the world look for low cost software options that can help them try their hands on various kinds of projects without having to worry about spending money. PHP allows the developers to generate bigger profits by lowering the development cost. If you are developing a website using PHP, you can instead invest money in upgrading the hardware.

Immeasurable support

Since PHP is older and is open source, you can find innumerable support and discussion forums on the internet itself where any of your queries or doubts will be addressed instantaneously by PHP enthusiasts. Due to this, PHP seems even more lucrative for the eager learning minds of the developers who want to learn and grow fast in the web development industry. .NET sadly doesn’t enjoy provide this large a support.

Database compatibility

PHP is compatible with various database engines such as Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, MY SQL etc.  Irrespective of the fact that they are open source or paid. Clearly this gives PHP a significant edge over .NET that doesn’t boast of such a wide array of database options.

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