5 Tips to Improve Blog Conversions

Hello Guys,

As we all know, it is essential to include informative content in your website to influence online readers. But is this enough to grab user’s attention? Apart from stimulating information, it is equally important to have an attractive layout or design, which effectively helps to draw the focus of viewers.

This makes your webpage more fascinating and also contributes to fetch more traffic to your website. If you are looking forward to develop a remarkable reputation to grab more audiences through blogging, then you need to improve your blogs in order to turn visitors into regular customers.

Here we are providing you five simple design tips that will help you to advance your process of blogging and will contribute in converting the casual visitor into a sale.

1. The first step that needs to be taken for this conversion is to place your newsletter signup option below the conclusion section. A newsletter plays a significant role to enhance the readership of your site, as it contributes to engage visitors and forces them to visit again in the urge of more information. Also, you can include the animation design that slides up the pop up as you scroll down the web page towards the conclusion. This is considered an effective way to grab viewer’s attention.

2. The next step, which contributes to improve viewership of your site, is known as call to action. It is recommended to include high-contrast for highlighting call to action option. This is an important feature that helps to increase the web traffic and convert them into customers. Make sure to add dark background color that perfectly highlights the option for newsletter signup.

3. Then, move ahead towards the navigation option for blogs. It is essentially required to understand the significance of blog navigation to make your site more presentable and easy to access. Many designers often make a common mistake by sharing the same navigation for all web pages including blogs. Suppose, a reader is going through a blog and he wants to explore more of it, but due to similar navigation it suddenly gets redirected to homepage or any other option.

4. It will make the reader feel misguided and force him to switch to another website instantly. It would be better to avoid this mistake that can badly affect the reputation of your website. Add relevant links and place them in a sequence on the sidebar that will help to generate required traffic for your blogs.

5. Apart from navigation, you need to include relevant images to improve the web presence of your site. Content plays a contributing part, while images equally help to enhance the readership of your blog. Users easily get engaged with the help of visual elements. Due to this, it has become very important to include attractive images to make your blog dynamic.

6. Last but not the least, embrace social sharing option. Merely, converting casual visitors into long term customers is not enough to achieve remarkable traffic. Along with this, you also need to promote your sites through social media sharing. By taking the help of social networking sites, you can easily spread your content to maximum users. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn are some popular networking sites through which you can promote your blog worldwide. It is suggested to include social media sharing button and take the advantage of this additional feature.

By considering these five tips, you can undoubtedly grab the focus of online visitors. It is advised to follow these steps in appropriate manner to reap great benefits in future.

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