5 WordPress FTP Upload Errors and How to Fix Them?

FTP errors can exasperating, for lack of a subtler word. And when it comes to the WordPress FTP upload errors, there is an escalated knottiness and annoyance since they are harder to deal with.


Your first sign is when you experience the FTP client getting disconnected repeatedly or you being unable to establish connections with the external files via FTP. If either of these is happening, it’s about time you sit up and begin to take notice.


You will came across many errors, I am hereby explaining 5 of such errors that occur far too frequently than others:


Error 1: “Blocking call cancelled” with FTP


This error is experienced on several websites within the FTP structure. To be precise, it emanates from WS-FTP but can be easily dealt with.


The most basic solution for the problem is setting the Maximum Transfer Unit to 576. this method works in a number of cases, but cannot be relied upon with assurance.


The error we are talking about can also occur when you are behind a firewall or are running a personal firewall like Black Ice Defender or ZoneAlarm. And it is a common scenario on the Internet that firewalls put up to secure the sites end up leading to a number of errors. This FTP errors happens to be one of those errors.


However, there is again a simple enough way to fix this issue. All you need to do is to open your FTP software and navigate to the settings section. In there, you can locate the setting for the “Passive Mode” or “PASV Mode”. If you find that this mode is turned on, you should turn it off. Or conversely, if you find it turned off, you have to turn it on.


Error 2: Could not retrieve directory


Again, this is one of those error that resonates among a host of website owners. This occurs when you are trying to connect via your FTP program like FileZilla. The error message you typically see with this is “Could not retrieve directory listing”.


As iterated, it can be frustrating for people who do not know how to fix the issue. If you are one of those, do not fret. There are a number of seamless fixes for it that you don’t need to be a tech-savvy for.


You can first attempt to disable the “Keep Alive” feature. This works in a number of cases. And if you are still not satisfied, you can go ahead and disable the passive mode.


Error 3: FTP Timeouts in Filezilla Occur Too Often


One of the common error that occurs in FileZilla is that it often times out its connections right in the middle of a file transfer taking place. It goes without saying that frustration caused due to this interruption is paramount and you are forced to find a way out of it.


So, when you face this error and want to get rid off it, the simplest possible solution would be to simply disable the timeout setting in FileZilla.


To carry this out, just open your FTP program, navigate to the Edits section and click on settings. Upon doing so, you will see a window popping up like the one showed below:


FTP error 3


From here on, the Timeout can be disabled by simply putting the value “0” in the box, “Timeout in seconds”. That’s it, there is no complex setup to it.


Error 4: Why is my uploaded file 0 bytes?


How many times has it happened that you have uploaded a file using your FTP software, and when you check the file’s size, it shows 0 bytes? Well, whether you encountered this error or not, it is worth knowing the reasons that cause this error and the fixes for it since it can occur on your FTP at any point in the future.


Causes of this Error:


a) The file that you are trying to upload may already have been corrupted. One of the causes of this corruption may be that during the transfer, there were some connection errors between the server and your system.


b) The other cause that may trigger this error is that there is no disk space left on the server. Where can you expect to sneak in your file if the server has no room to allow the upload of the file. So, get some load off your server and then make more attempts.


c) The Charset issues can also cause the same error. The simple science behind the error is that when you are uploading a file that does not lie within the Grid charset of UTF-8, there is a high probability that you will face problems during the upload. Even though this is not one of those cases that happens all the time, but if it does, you got to re-look at your file to find out if it does indeed below to the Grid charset of UTF-8.


d) The file you are trying to upload was already corrupted, even before the transfer started taking place. Now, here you cannot pin the issue on the connectivity troubles since you are trying to upload a file that isn’t fit to upload in the first place. So, before you upload any file, please check if they are working properly since it may lead to confusion at the later stages.


How to Solve the Issues:


In the event you are facing these issues because of the problems in connectivity, you will have to try using the SFTP. This comes extremely handy when you are aiming to resolve the connectivity issues. What it does is that it helps you in facilitating a more reliable and robust connection between your system and your server. Once the connection becomes more robust, the connectivity issues reduce in effect on are completely eliminated.


The second solution is regarding the Charset problem we discussed above. There is a simple enough solution to solve this problem. All that needs to be done is that you have to change your FileZilla Charset settings to Force UTF-8. If you need help with how you can do it, this image should come more than handy to help you with the same:


Solution To Error 4


As you can see in the above picture, you have to click on the last tab, “Charset” and from there out of the three options for the charset encoding, you will select Force UTF-8.


Another solution to the error can be checking out the settings for whether they are Passive or not. If they aren’t, set them Passive.


There are a number of third party programs, like WinRAR that helps in compressing your files so that they have the appropriate size for the transfer to take place. Use this program to compress the file and then transfer the file over the network.


Error 5: Connection refused in FileZilla


If your connection refuses to line up, how are you supposed to start working in the first place. And this happens most often with the FTP programs. The connection issues are something all webmasters face at some point in time and they need to be dealt with before it gets too late (albeit all the errors need to be eliminated on time, the connection issues are something that won’t let you make any progress).


You need to follow following 10 steps, in order to fix this issue and to get on with your task:


Step I: Open the FileZilla program and in there, click on “Edit” you see on the top menu.


Step II: Click on “Network Configuration Manager”.


Step III: Run the Firewall and route configuration Wizard. (Please note that if this is the first time you are configuring the network settings in FileZilla, you have to do this)


Step IV: Select Passive mode (a recommended option) and following it with allowing fallback to other transfer mode on failure.


Step V: Click Next.


Step VI: Navigate to the Configure passive mode. In there, you will have to select “Use the server’s external IP address”. Again, click Next.


Step VII: Click on “Get external IP address” from the following URL Following that, default of http://ip.filezilla-project.org/ip.php can be selected.


Step VIII: Now navigate to the page for the Configure port range. Select the Ask operating system for a port there.


Step IX: Click Next.


Step X: The last step involves navigating to the Configuration test page. It is on this page that you can find the button for testing. Just click on Test and once clicked, if you don’t receive any errors, you can be sure of the fact that you can proceed without hitches.



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The FTP errors need to be identified and located before they turn into disasters for your website. I hope the above 5 common errors and their troubleshoots cover all your doubts and apprehensions.


But, if you are a beginner and don’t know how to start the process of WordPress with FTP then please check the video below by The Clickstarter – Installing WordPress via FTP (Famous 5 minute install)


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