6 Reasons that Make WordPress the Best

‘W’ for website and ‘W’ for WordPress!

WordPress is the most popular PHP CMS and open source blogging tool based on   PHP and Mysql available around. It is easy to use and can help a non technical individual to build his own website.  Plus, it can be used to develop professional websites for corporate and other areas. No matter what kind of website you wish to develop, the one for a personal blog, for a creative company or even for a film’s website, WordPress has it all in its bag.

Can work without FTP Software or HTML Editing

WordPress comes embedded with self sufficient functionalities that don’t require HTML editing softwares such as the Dreamweaver r the Adobe Contribute. Unlike, other CMS systems that require additional softwares, WordPress itself allows creation of new pages, uploading and editing of images, managing image galleries, video files and other blog posts, discounting on the employment of FTP systems.

Search Engines Love WordPress Sites

Search engines find it easy to crawl sites that are built on lighter code; the one that is very clean and simple. Thus, such a code helps a website climb the search engine results more effectively than anything else. They provide use of separate keywords for every page, posts, images, descriptions and tag keywords. Such attributes boost the outputs of on page SEO results.

A Blog is Built-in

A lot of you may not be aware of the fact that WordPress was originally launched as a simple blogging site. However, the CMS has been supported with the blogging capabilities efficiently. All important plugins and Blogging features are well integrated. It is immensely easy to set up RSS/email subscriptions into your WordPress site cum blog. Plus, blog like commenting capabilities, and quick adding of the most recent post are easy to initiate making your website more popular and dynamic.

More secured than any other alternative

WordPress sites are more ‘Hacker proof’ than anything else. Provided the appropriate professionalism is bestowed, WordPress websites are the most robust online properties. A couple things need to be taken care of such as not using default admin URLs or default login URls. There is a specified process to fortify the WordPress installation against unethical penetration.

World Community

In case you are stuck with a query or issue in a WordPress site, subsequent assistance is just a click away.  Trusting a recent study conducted, more than 8 % of websites on the web are built on WordPress alone. Thus, a huge section of WordPress, designers, developers and users participate in a rich exchange of queries and other ideas.  Plus you can easily find help on leading search engines such as Bing and Google.

An ocean of Plugins

WordPress is empowered by thousands of useful plugins. Besides the default features, some 8000 plugins are available for installation and enhancement of the website look and feel. Moreover, these plugins can be easily searched from your WordPress dashboard only. Some of the most popular plugins provide, pinging, sitemap creation, twitter tools, page ordering, blog comment capabilities and SEO improving functionalities.

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