6 Reasons Why Cloud Technology Is 2015’s Hottest Trend For Mobile App Developers

Millions of downloads, a plethora of brand new apps, and more development opportunities – 2014 was certainly a great year for mobile app development companies worldwide. But what will 2015 bring? We’re already three months into the year, and one technology that is expected to grow is cloud computing. Yes, we’ve already heard about it before (some of us might already be using it), but just how will cloud infrastructure influence future mobile app development? Let’s find out…


1. Cloud technology is already big business


One thing’s for certain: cloud technology is big business. Last year, statistics revealed that spending on cloud computing technology and services increased by 20% in 2014 – up from $145 million in 2013. Data from global information company IHS predicted that $174.2 billion will be spent in 2014, and that cloud computing will becoming even more popular. It is thought that the billions of dollars invested in this technology will have an effect on other types of computing technology, and experts believe that the changes could transform web hosting and domain hosting platforms. Companies like Amazon, Apple and Google have had great success with cloud computer technology in recent years, allowing users to store files and documents in the “cloud”. Individuals can pay for storage and then access their data from a smartphone, laptop or mobile tablet device anywhere in the world – all is needed is a Wi-Fi connection or access to 3G services.


2. The world’s biggest technology companies are already incorporating cloud technology


One of the world’s largest corporations Microsoft is also focusing on cloud services. Last year, the company announced a new CEO who would take over after billionaire Bill Gates stepped down from his position. Satya Nadella, who was born in India and started working for Microsoft in 1992, will shift the company’s focus from the traditional business model of manufacturing computer software for business and personal use over to other types of technology, such as internet software and cloud computing services. Nadella, 46, was previously in charge of Microsoft’s cloud computing unit, a department who were responsible for creating services for consumers who need a data hosting platform.


3. It provides a solution for mobile app developers


People who need to access enterprise applications often rely on their smartphones or mobile tablets to be able to do so. This can prove a challenge for mobile app developers when it comes to creating apps across various devices (and those which rely on different operating systems, screen sizes, and other features). A number of security risks are presented when developing mobile app technology in this way. However, cloud services let the developer create on app that can be downloaded on various devices without having to create separate versions. For example, a user will be able to access data via their browsers, which can increase security. Mobile cloud apps are written in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3, and other server-side languages.


4. Mobile cloud apps are easier for the user


When trying to showcase a product or service using your app, using mobile cloud technology can present you with a number of benefits. As we’ve already mentioned, security risks can be eliminated by allowing the user to access information via an internet browser. Mobile cloud apps do not need to be downloaded by the user and then installed on their devices, but work within a browser window on the device. Data is transferred using JSON via HTTP, which can make it easier for the developer. There are still challenges though; mobile cloud apps do not support notifications for example, and are sometimes slower than regular apps you can download.


5. Cloud technology is a money-maker


IHS also revealed that the money spent on cloud computing technology and services in 2017 will increase by three times the amount that was spent on this technology in 2011. Estimates suggest that $235 billion will be spent in 2017 – 35% more than what was expected to be spent in 2014. Money will be spent by small and large companies to establish a platform for their cloud services, as well as the infrastructure needed to host such services, such as servers and equipment. The cloud computing industry has increased in popularity over the last few years and there are a number of free and paid packages that consumers can take advantage of, depending on the number of files and documents they want to store. Mobile app development companies should certainly be looking into the profitability of cloud technology.


6. Mobile cloud apps could be more secure for the user


Let’s take a look at security in closer detail. Users who are worried about security flaws may prefer mobile cloud apps over other apps that they can download onto their device. This is because conventional apps that handle important data are handled remotely, and this data can be left on the device. As a smartphone or tablet is often taken with the user to work or on their travels, losing their device is of great concern. Having valuable and sensitive information on the device can make the problem worse. Mobile cloud apps do not store data on the device, but rather in the cloud. If a device is stolen, individuals will be able to access information from another device without having to worry about security. Because of this, some businesses are advertising their cloud-based services as a solution to the security concerns that their customers might have.




Part of the reason why cloud services have become so popular is that consumers will no longer have to worry about the storage requirements of their mobile tablet, smartphone or laptop device. Storing in the cloud is much more practical for many, including those who travel frequently, allowing them to access their documents when they are on the go or away from home. If a smartphone or tablet device becomes corrupt or ceases working, an individual doesn’t have to worry about not being able to access files anymore if they take advantage of a cloud service. An app development company might want to take advantage of the security concerns that regular apps can bring, and develop apps for their clients that allow customers to access information safely and securely (without having to store data directly on their device).


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