7 essentials of effective website design

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Irrespective of how experienced or skilled you are, starting a new website design project can be somewhat frightening. There are so many aspects to be considered, from choosing colors to the layout, that anyone can lose his way. With constantly evolving requirements and ever changing trends of web design domain, web designers are under constant pressure to develop unique yet professional designs.

Here is a list of the seven most essential factors to make your web design work easier and create impressive web designs each time:

Simple: Using features, like animations and scrolling text, is considered essential for creating interactive websites, but these should be used as conservatively as possible. Colors and graphics should appeal the users and not distract them. Simplicity should be reflected in every element of your design, be it the background, font or animations.

Consistent: Too many variations in design can also cause disturbance, forcing the user to leave the site. Thus, try to use only one design in the entire website. You can use different colors for identifying various sections; however the design should be consistent. Same applies to the fonts as well. Avoid using more than two fonts on a single page.

Purpose: Always keep the design in accordance with the purpose of the website. Remember, there is a difference in the web design of a bank and amusement park. It should clearly reflect the identity of the company for which you are designing the website. Even here the choice of colors and font will have a huge effect on the overall design.

Content: Imagine how a user would feel waiting for a website to load, only to find in the end that it does not have the information he was looking for. There is very thin chance of that user returning to such a site again. Make sure to provide enough information about the topics that the target users most probably will be looking for.

Navigation: Poor navigation is one of the prime reasons why users never return to a site. It can be irritating when you have to return to the home page, every time you need to go to the next page. Provide links on every page, so that the user can easily visit the page he likes.

Appearance: It is hard to impress every user with your web design, but if you keep it simple and consistent then it will surely be considered appealing by majority of the users. It will be helpful to visit some sites, which you consider appealing and then notice their use of graphics and layout. It will help you know a great deal about the appearance of your next website.

Compatibility: In today’s world it is mandatory for a website to be compatible, in terms of browser and resolution. Make sure that your web site can be easily viewed by users, whether on their smart phones or laptops, according to their convenience.

To improve your web design skills, spend some time looking at the websites of successful companies and try to find out how the above mentioned factors have been incorporated in their designs. Keeping these factors in mind, you can surely become efficient at creating effective website designs.

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