Across the board Photoshop shortcuts to help you play with Images!

Most of the designers that are prone to using Photoshop would agree on the point that they spend more time toggling the array of tools, than what they actually spend on the photo. Using keyboard to give commands is one of ways that can be used for by passing some of the mouse clicks while making changes in the tools and their properties.


This might enact clumsy, when used for the first time. But one is sure to save lot of time and energy after getting used to them. And also, once you lay your hand on them, then there would be no looking back. The main emphasis can be laid on bringing the left hand to use, while the other one is busy scrolling the mouse! Here’s the list of shortcuts that come to rescue, when you are facing shortage of time.


Here’s the list. Use them, experiment with them and turn the creation more attractive and appealing.


X: Used for swapping the colors of forefront and background.


D: Used for resetting the colors for the front end and back end to black and white.


Alt + Mouse Scroll: Used for zooming in and zoom out.


Ctrl + Alt +Z: Used for tracking the history tree and finding out the error.


Ctrl + S: Used for saving.


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + N: Used when inserting a new empty layer along with the active layer.


Shift + Click Mask: Used for enabling or disabling the layer mask.


Alt + Click Mask: Used for toggling the mask visibility. Best to use when refilling of an area is to be done or the area needs to be smoothed out.


Ctrl + Click Mask: Used while loading mask as selection. That is used when one needs to create an identical mask or the inverse of it.


Ctrl + Click: Used when the non transparent pixels of a layer without a mask are to be selected.


Ctrl + J: Used when duplicating a new layer into an active layer.


Caps Lock: Used for spot on selections.


Shift + Backspace: Used when working with masks to fill dialog and its usage leads in saving a great deal of time.


Ctrl + Backspace: Used to fill background while working with masks.


Alt + Backspace: Used to fill foreground while working with masks.


Ctrl + H: Used for hiding the selected lines


Ctrl + I: Used for inverting the selection. A good tool when working with creation of masks.


Ctrl + G: Used for grouping the layers from the layer tree


Ctrl + A: Used to select the complete canvas. Perhaps, it is one of the oldest combo that is used for complete selection.


Ctrl + T: Used to pop up the transform tool. This tool aids in resizing, rotating or tweaking an image by using drag-able outline.


Ctrl + E: Used for merging the selected layer with the layer beneath it.


Ctrl + Shift + E: Used for merging the visible layers into one.


Ctrl + Alt + E: Used for merging the selected layers into one layer.


Ctrl + Alt + Shift + R: Used for bringing up the rotate dialog box used for straightening the horizon.


Ctrl + Alt + Del: Used for killing Photoshop.


Hence this can be stated as a comprehensive compilation of the shortcuts that can be bought in use by photographers / designers, while working with Photoshop. So go ahead, tighten your belts and start having more and more variation with your photos and images!


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