Adobe Launched New Dreamweaver CC Features

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Adobe has recently launched the much awaited advance feature for its Creative Cloud version, which is one of the most popular web designing tools all over the globe.

Dreamweaver Creative Cloud is Adobe’s best tool that helps to create, publish and manage amazing websites. This latest version ensures the user to deliver amazing experience and has the potential to perform well while displaying the web content within Dreamweaver along with the support of HTML5 technology accessible in Chromium.

Few months back Adobe had released an announcement regarding new features which will be soon implemented to its CS software through Creative Cloud subscription services. It has promised that this new update would be quite beneficial for web designers, as it would provide them new features more often instead of waiting for almost a year for the updates. Users were eagerly waiting for these amazing features to make their job more effective and incredible.

With this incredible update, users no longer have to wait for a new boxed version and they can develop and publish websites along with perfect managing process. While making an announcement, Adobe has presented a wide range of features that will interest you all. Have a look at them:

Live Highlight: The first and foremost feature that allows web designers to efficiently envision the association between CSS selectors and the HTML elements in Live View. Designers can successfully highlight elements when required.

This incredible CSS designer Tool is one of the most auspicious updates. It not only helps you to acquire an appealing visual console for managing properties of a website but also helps you to add gradients along with box shadows. Also, you can add CSS code that supports all the web browsers and makes your web design appearance similar on all devices, either small or large. All this you can do in just a few mouse clicks.

Fluid Grid Layout: This flexible layout feature helps designers to choose a vibrant web layout according to different devices, such as desktop, tablet and mobile. Users can easily customize its appearance and perfectly set the grid and width arrangement of the web page. This feature will provide you an opportunity to get the best effect for your web page on intended device.

 jQuery User Interface Widgets: This is another great feature that helps you to get rid of those boring icons and click buttons and provides you simple drag and drop option from the Insert Panel. You can effortlessly control your tab, picker, progress bar, accordion and much more in property inspector.

Edge Web Fonts: With this feature, you can make your web page more attractive and lively by adding different fonts available there. In short, you will be delivered an in-built library that provides you a large number of fonts without paying a single penny. So, go ahead and create an amazing web page with the help of available styled typography available in Manage Fonts Dialog Box.

Sync Settings: This incredible feature permits you to save your favorites on different devices as desired so that you can use Dreamweaver as per your requirement and comfort from any location. By using this sync setting, you can access all your files, settings and site definitions easily, as it gets saved on the cloud.

The list does not end here. There are several other features also waiting in the queue, which includes PhoneGap build, JavaScript and CSS3 support. With all these great features, adobe has entered into a sensational world of advancement by removing the tag of outdated application.

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