Android introduces new password unlocking application

Android Introduces New feature – Google’s Android, in yet another innovative move to add a stunning feature on its portfolio, has a facial gesture based password unlocking system. Before you jump to conclusions that there is nothing so cool or new about such a facial recognition password feature and already many apps and gadgets have introduced it, I must clear the air that this one is one of its kinds and far different from the ones we have seen. And yes, Google is all set to get a patent register for the technology.

So Google  has filed a patent suggesting users can wrinkle their nose or stick out their tongue in place of password. Read How it is different  and  others.

How is it different?

While the existing facial recognition password unlocking systems used a mapping protocol comparing the expressionless image of the access requesting user against the one registered in the system, Android’s system takes a leap ahead and makes use of specific gestures.

Android had cited earlier that the conventional password unlocking softwares were easy to fool and thus unethical penetrating into the system had become any jack’s job. By using personalised gestures, Android assures of more stringent fortification against unauthorised access.

The patent filed last year in June, was published recently. Android has confirmed that the application will push the users to ensure that not only does the photo matches the  registered one, but also the gestures and expressions need to have a green signal.

The check would compare the two images captured by a video stream of the users face to see any difference. This would include conducting the comparison at frame level to check the sequence of movements that led to the gesture and attesting all frames had the correct person’s face.

Thus, hackers shall soon endure a tough time with the Google’s offering. Plus the software would also take into consideration the angle of face when the gesture was being made. This would help to recognise any still photograph on which a fake gesture has been animated.

Critics have it

Android must have become habitual of the critics heat by now. Every time it rolls out new features, they are either completely discarded or are alleged to have several bugs. However, Google never learned to stop. It kept on rolling out new features, more often than any other platform.

This time, critics have said its more of difficulty than security imposed on the users since it’s not necessary that a user will achieve exactly similar gesture every time. Others say that the feature appears robust but would be easily tackled by the hackers.

Impact on the Android users

Some of the critics might be correct in alleging that the new feature could impose more difficulty for the users to login. It is not easy to achieve the same gesture with accurate facial angles every time. However, let us trust Google, at least the user friendly past record of apps and services advocate for it. I never faced any such difficulty using any of Google’s products.

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