Angular JS: When and Why to recommend it?

What is Angular JS?

It is a framework that was developed for website apps that enable you to use HyperText Markup Language (HTML) as your device language. Also, lets you extend HTML’s arrangement of codes to show the components of your application clearly and in brief. Angular JS is an open-source Javascript framework meaning that the source code is made freely and can be redistributed. Angular basically is a thorough solution for a fast front-end development and best suited for Single paged applications (SPA). For example Blogs and Simple Applications.


Why chose Angular JS?

Angular Javascript is best used when creating Single Paged Applications (SPA). Angular Has key features like routing (customizing a certain path), two-way data binding and modeling.


DOM Control or Manipulation

Angular is also Modular (changed how programming was done prior to its birth) in comparison to a JS like Jquery which has nothing to do with models it’s in turn very Complex to maintain when the size of the project increases. Angular JS However is Maintainable i.e when the project size increases and very fast in execution. Angular JS is a thorough Framework in itself considering it handles all of the (Document Object Modeling) DOM codes once drafted.


Easy app development

Angular Javas simplifies an application development by presenting a bigger stage or level of abstraction to the developer. Though it comes at a setback flexibility and not usable to every app. It was made with the CRUD (Creating, Reading, Updating, Deleting) App in mind. Most of the web applications are made up of CRUD applications in bulk.


Google needs no Introduction

For starters, Angular JS is an old JS, it pretty much convenient for a programmer to write, maintain and easily reuse or Manipulate. When it comes to authenticity and security, it is well covered of since it has a strong ally (Google) making it highly secure.The fact that Googles programming frameworks is Angular Javascript, any coding guru knows that one of this planets accomplished and focused brains work for it, thus making it incomparable to any existing Javascript technology.


Accuracy over speed

Angular javas are very efficient at building slow but hard to maintain websites. It brings the superiority to help reduce time wasted on the development of an application by getting rid of the continuous task of coding on the server. There is less or no need to include other frameworks or plugins to build a data-driven web. It becomes easy to troubleshoot.


MVVM Architecture

Finally, Angular JS turns the information transmission flow between the client and the server simple and effective that follows the Model view View Model (MVVM) arrangement. MVVM overhears changes to the models or coding, the system, in turn, makes changes by itself. (Eliminates the need for getters or class declarations).



In today’s world a lot of the websites made, are a large bulk series of HTML tags with little accuracy. So one needs to create a wide-ranging and an in-depth CSS style sheet classes to express the objective of each object. But with Angular JS, one could run the respective HTML equalling XML, giving you an infinite opportunity for tags and attributes.

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