Apple: Bringing the future with AR Animojis

The excitement of Apple launch was no less than a celebration and finally on 12th September 2017 Apple officially announced iPhone 8 and iPhone X. With A number of new innovations, one of them that gained everyone’s attention is new iMessage’s “ANIMOJIS”.Apple has again come up with a path-breaking development with iPhone X “ANIMOJIS”. And this time it will be much more fun. Imagine the panda bear emoji copying your facial expressions and dictating the message you want to send. Sounds interesting? YES, IT IS. Wondering how can an emoji track your facial expressions and record your audio message? HERE IS YOUR ANSWER.

AUGMENTED REALITY (AR) has made this possible. AR not just have taken education and fashion industry by storm where students can now access models on their own devices via Augment’s app and you before making an online purchase can virtually wear clothes with real life experience but has also made your fun more funnier.


Augmented Reality is likely to worm its way into our daily lives more and more in 21st century. Remember the game “Pokémon Go”, one of the most successful game series where you could catch the creatures, collect them and battle them. The game was developed using AR.AR games combine visual graphics and sound effects with the environment of users.Firstly in games where AR creates a fascinating experience among users by providing enhanced effects and now ANIMOJIS, AR is surely making a revolution and will be a next big thing in years to come.


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Animojis are custom animated messages that use your voice and reflect facial expressions. After choosing your emoji and pressing record, the app will capture your message as well as all your different facial expressions. Not just that before sending the final message you’ll be able to watch the animation in real time.Through Animojies users will be able to scan their face and Animojies will match their expressions in a short animation.

Using iPhone X’s True Depth camera, Apple can track more than 50 muscle movements and overlay those features onto the emoji you know and love. You can your expression from smile to a frown and your chosen emoji changes with it.

Animoji will be customized by the left and right eyebrows, cheeks, raising the chin, opening or squinting eyes, moving jaw, lips, as well as mouth movements like frowning and smiling.


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The concept of AR is nothing new. Snapchat has already introduced the world to augmented reality. Every tech giant-from Google and Face book to Microsoft have been researching how to connect our physical and digital worlds cohesively.However Snapchat might be closer than all of them. Snapchat is using face tracking to add filters to your face and record videos.

Snapchat today is rolling out world lenses, a new twist on its popular face filters that continues the company’s exploration of Augmented Reality.Apple has taken a step forward with Animojies. Apple has combined face tracking with old Emojies to form Animojies that can track your facial expressions and can also read your emotions.


Still having doubts on how Animojies work? We’ll help you solve them.I got in touch with one of the Unity Developer of Miracle Studios “MANU GUPTA” to discuss more about Animojies and here’s what he had to say:

  • 1. How face tracking works?

When asked how face tracking works, Manu Gupta explained us the whole concept of face tracking saying:Face tracking or face detection is a technology that identifies human faces in digital images. Face tracking works with “FACE FEATURES”. These face made features are stored in our database which have two identities: Grey Skill Matrix and the Color Matrix.Different parts of the face give away different details and every detail is stored in our database. Ones you face the camera, our database matches with the face features and we overlay a virtual image for the face and that is how face tracking works.

  • 2. What is the role of AR in Animojis?

When asked how Augmented Reality plays an important role in Apple’s new technology Animojis he was quoted saying:“AR provides the functionality to map the camera rendered face features with the features of Animojis”.

  • 3. How can Animojis be beneficial for users?

Animojis can make our chatting experience with the users more fun and interactive. You can now express your emotions through Animojis which will make your communication more interactive.

After the success of pokemon –go and now Apple recognizing AR and introducing Animojis , AR is going to be the next-upcoming thing.Augmented reality mobile content will go beyond gaming, as we have seen before and offers new ways to visualize content and personalize mobile experiences, expanding to industries such as retail, sports and entertainment.

We at Miracle studios has already tapped this revolutionary concept of AR with our app “Blaze” which has gained tremendous popularity amongst users, Our team of developers added extra features in the app like video recording and sharing it on social media, particle effects, both 2D and 3D elements scanning in one single game and marker detection.

If you want to have an AR app, we can assist you doing so. Our team of technical experts having humongous experience in AR can turn your app idea into reality. All you need to do is share your app idea with us and we will work hard to bring your app emojis to life.So if you are bored of your old emojis and want something new, we can help you integrate ANIMOJIS in your apps that not only will make your chat interesting and engaging but will also help express your emotions better.

So let’s get started.

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