Apple launched New ‘Metal’ Platform to Improve iOS Gaming

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Application programming interface is very important to any application. It determines the user interface and the complete functionality of the application. It is completely important especially when you are busy considering a gaming app. Why is API important to a gaming app? Well, firstly it determines how easily the game will load and how functional it will be on any operating system. It also determines the whole graphical gaming experience for the user and the way the user interacts with the gaming world. Every application is pretty dependent on the features provided by API which provides the software components required for the interaction and interface.


Considering this, Apple has recently launched Metal API an interface that it says will change the whole gaming experience. According to the company, this API is all set to lower to graphical processing power, which is relatively high in the smart devices across Apple. Be it their smart phones or their tablets, Apple’s current devices all possess a high graphical processing power. This tends to become an interface issue especially for those who are not real time gamers. This is probably why, Apple has decided to smooth the interface between gamers and the device. Not only will the interface be better with this launch, but the whole performance of the device and game will be a lot better with this new launch. This is what Apple claims. According to Craig Federighi, the company’s senior vice president, this newly launched interface will perform better than the OpenGL API which was used initially with most Apple devices.


The API has not yet been launched, but its prototype has been showcased to prove its brilliance. This Metal API would be launched sometime at the end of 2014 along with the proposed launch of iOS8. This API, according to the company, will work with the A7 chips which are currently very much a part of the smart devices available with Apple.


For the success of this Metal API project, Apple has worked alongside with several video game companies which include Crytek, Unity, Electronic Arts, and Epic Games. A demo version of this API has been built around the game Zen Garden’s unreal engine to demonstrate the effectiveness of this interface. This Metal app will be available in the Apple store as soon as the iOS8 is released. The metal code placed within unreal engine will be made available to the developers to study once iOS8 is launched.