With the availability of products at fingertips through mobile apps, it wasn’t unforeseeable to have services joining in the race too. And yes, the story is yet the same. Allow me to restate what now sounds cliché – we do live a fast life and we don’t want everything conveniently and quickly. In this highly lush milieu for the mobile app development industry to grow, service based app startups have started to capture a major chunk of the available space to deliver services at not a click but touch!

Internationally, the trend has been in vogue for some time now, but the Indian market over the last two years has seen mammoth growth. Starting somewhere close to banking going mobile, almost every niche of services has gone digital.

The question remains, are service based app start-ups really life changing in the Indian market?
And while there doesn’t remain a standard set to state if or not it is true, lets look at this step by step.

First, what is a “Service-based-app-startup?”


Jessica Pressler in a New York magazine while talking of the laundry app Washio, says, “The brightest minds of a generation have taken the knowledge acquired at our most august institutions and applied themselves to solving increasingly minor First World problems.”

Contrarily, Caitlin Cruz in April 2015 on the TPM Opinions called these as “apps for the rich people” and for the “urban-young.”

Opposing thoughts and opinions about the genre have been floating in the market, and seemingly, they’ve agreed to disagree. Popular also as location based mobile application, bigger brands have been in the sector too; including names like Facebook and FourSquare also have been trend benefactors.

In a more Indian context, apps like Practo- a health app, Uber, Ola etc- for making cabs available, Grofers- for groceries are basically what service based apps are.

Services being rendered through mobile apps are a hot button issue right now. Digitization has brought Smartphones to everyone’s fingertips, and services available on their app store are an added perk. While some apps may be paid, most are free. While some apps may not offer services of use to you, others might exactly be what you’re looking for.

Now let me not talk about how you can order food at Foodpanda when you don’t feel like eating home cooked food; or how you can simply can have a car at your doorstep to ride in through Uber or Ola or TFS; or how BigStylist sends home, or office a beauty stylist for a quick pampering session.

Life can be tough and days can be long; and how comforting is it to have your errands and chores run through a mobile app. And that is exactly how vast the scope of service based apps in India, for the matter, the world is.

Here’s a list of the most popular service-based-apps in India that you’ve got to keep in your Smartphone. There’s reason they are called “Smart” Phones.


  1. Order Food at FoodPanda


    Available on Windows, Android and iOS, the app is widely popular with multiple features and a personal profile for quick access. The reason of its huge popularity is the availability at 34 locations, including cities both big and small as Delhi and Vapi (!idk where that is)

Food Panda

    1. Book a Doctor at Practo


      Initially started across 22 cities in India, Practo is a medical app that allows you to search for clinics and doctors and schedule appointments for the same. The app is now available in some other countries as well on both android and iOS platforms.


    2. Call a Cab at OLA


      Olacabs took the lead in the Virtual cab service with its “Ride Now” feature. While other apps like Uber too are being used, but Ola came from an Indian origin and has given cut-throat competition to the more international brands like Uber.


  • Book a beauty stylist at BigStylist


The BigStylist App allows its users to make bookings for beauty services at home. Available for both men and women, BigStylist is “THE” relief for that last hour prep, but can thappen because it is too hot, too cold, too rainy or lack of mood to step out.

  • Access urban lifestyle services at UrbanClap


Urban Clap is a platform becoming incessantly popular, thanks to the availability of professionals for all service needs. Following only a three step process, UrbanClap delivers urban lifestyle services like Yoga, home décor, photography and more right at your doorstep. The portal is fresh and holds all potent to grow much bigger and geographically diverse, soon.

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