Bang Bang Stunt Bike Racing – One Of the Best Android Game Ever

Just don’t stop being frantic about these actions packed thrillers or crazy games, you know why, because they have ability to stimulate your vision, enhance your mental ability, increase the capability of multi-tasking and above all fun. These stimulating effects are the reasons why these games are getting so popular, with ample of them are notably making their developers earn in millions.


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App stores are full of these amazing thrillers to give the frenzy trickling to the young ones, youths and elders alike. And, now to add to these thrilling extravaganzas is amazing Miracle Studios bike racing game – “Bang Bang Stunt Bike Racer,” to give you some heart throttling and highly octane action stunts on a bike. During the day when you are off, everybody are busy in your home, and it is extremely hot outside, call your friends for cool drink party and challenge them to show their stunts on the bike.


Bang bang game


These are the action stunts that you sure would greatly enjoy. As you ignite engine of your bike, it will take you zooming on the route full of hurdles. You have to save yourself and jump across the most difficult hurdles. There are 30 levels to cross, with the difficulty level building up as you cross one level to the next, however the twist is you need to collect the coins too as you are riding. You can race your bike to any speed but carefully, skillfully, and concentration as you might fall and loose the points.





The game will sure make you go get roller coasting you had never seen the stunts that you would be performing. You can download the game from the Google play store and is quite compatible on any mobile device at


If you have the guts, then this is the game that you are sure to enjoy alone or with your friends. Download this app and get going buddies!

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