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The range for owning a personalized site to speak to a business has enormously impacted the limit of improvement. Every individual or enterprise can get a customized website developed depending on one’s own budget and requirement. The reputation for customized development gained momentum a few years ago when PHP CMS’ began to offer fast improvement.


These content management systems had integrated features that supported an already built template embedded directly onto the website.  However, start-ups and upcoming entrepreneurs have given thumbs up to the practice of template modification since it allows you blend a third party design into the essence and theme of your own brand.


Miracle Studios and Template Modification


Miracle Studios carries decade long experience in website designing . Thus, we have stood as prime witnesses of the way web designing (read More) has evolved over the years. Subsequently, this gives us an edge over others since we have weaved our expertise with ever transforming trends. Our designers have been diving deep into the code and extract out a different yet appealing template by making tweaks at the right areas.


Template modification is not just making changes to a template. It requires implementing numerous permutations so that the modified template fits well into the website framework and doesn’t affect the loading efficiency of any of its webpage.


Moreover, the transformed template should not lose its inherent originality which actually complemented the theme your enterprise. In most cases a template is open source and used by many websites; thus, the designers have to ensure that it stays unique in spite of sharing a common source.


We have teams that are well versed with the obvious nuisances. There are designers that bring in innovation and then there are designers that carry years of substantial experience. We fuse the attributes from both sides so that a stunning Template can be conceived.


Why do I need Template modification?

Template modification for a website is synonym to a house that needs a repainting. While the changes at the front end can be pulled up to any extent, the backend structure remains unaffected. This has encouraged the enterprises to frequently enhance their web presence and match their boots with the trends. Ofcourse you would not want your website to give a lame look after some time when others have invested in pleasant designs.


Redesigning a website every year is a best practice. However, that does not mean you have to invest all over again and get a complete revision of the look and feel. If not required, a few tweaks here and there, change in the font size or new logos are some of the small little things you can do to ensure a fresh look for your website.


However, you may have to   pull up your socks if the website goes unfriendly with the trends. The latest instance would be a website that is unresponsive in these times when hugely responsive web templates are a rage. These considerations directly influence the way a user browses your website and thus learns about your offerings.


What do I get at Miracle Studios?

Template modification for your website is a once in a while affair for you. For us, it’s an everyday task. We have assisted numerous organisations in reincarnating their web presence through effective template modification. Whether or not you need template redesigning, if yes then to what extent, we help you solve the dilemma with substantial inputs from our previous experiences.


Plus there are millions of templates available over the web. We help you approach the most trustworthy portal and pick an appropriate design taking into consideration the number of sub pages in your website and content size on each.


Our Template Modification Services


A very small glimpse of what we do at our Template Modification desk includes:

Template redesigning
Converting static templates into responsive
Adding central sliders to the web page
Removing redundant features such as blinking text’
Resizing the written content area according to SEO requirements
Logo redesigning according to new template
Enhancing background colours and images according to requirement
Pick only selected features from a prebuilt template and leave the rest

Template Modification can be easily implemented on all web development frameworks. At Miracle Studios, we have been doing these enhancements for:

Information websites built on Joomla, Drupal and WordPress platforms
E-commerce websites developed on Magento and Opencart portals
Online Gaming websites
Video sharing and other social networking websites
Corporate blogs


The Miracle Advantage

Complementing timely deliveries and consistent updates, we provide our clients with an authorisation to interfere in the end to end development cycle. With us you can uninhibitedly discuss your requirements and expectations. Plus, accomplished support post Go-Live is an integral part of our services.


Miracle Studios has an in-house team of certified Web designers who stringently follow a test-driven development approach. We follow both conventional as well as contemporary Designer Template coding ensuring reusability.  Template modification can result into indefinite bounds if the designer is well versed with CSS and other coding practises. This gives him the edge towards developing transforming his imagination into reality.


Our team owns all the necessary attributes required for a successful stint at redesigning a website. Plus, we prefer and encourage our clients to follow the latest trends in the web designing world. While the current market is going Gaga over Responsive web designs, we took no time in adapting similar techniques so that the end product stands out unique.


Get in touch for quality template modification service. Have a Nice day….!!


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