Blueprinting UI Designs check these sassy tips to create a bombshell!!

Web designing is a known for galvanizing the concepts of virtual markets and promotional business services. In illusive context, there seems to a solid connection and strong involvement that is continuously offering a surfeit to features of web designing. Right from the onset of web designing, there has been a revolution witnessed in the field of internet marketing. And since late 90’s there has been a constant update in the features and the tools that are being launched into the market for the assistance in web designing. All these new tools / apps/ features seem to aggravate the need for the coming up with new designs by either hook or by crook. It seems that all the designers are battling for selling their concepts by using latest versions of HTML, CSS or JavaScript. I guess they are trying to learn do’s and don’ts of web designing by experimenting and abusing everything that the web has to offer!




Doesn’t matter if you are using HTML or CSS3 for getting the best responsive designs, a great accessibility or high level of interaction through the website you should not be overpass the following criteria’s:


Manifest your market:


Conducting a little research regarding the target audience does no harm. Any information that can be gathered is an always beneficial as it is a crucial aspect of developing and designing process. Having a clutch over the end users and their needs will enable you to brood the plan for the growth of the site and it’s gelling with the viewers.


IE7 still rule the list of browsers, as it is preferred by most of the users. And it is perfectly fine when it comes to coding, as any code looks more beautiful if it has been blueprinted with atmost of care and attention. It is advised that one should try and experiment all HTML and Css has to offer, but should also keep a tab over adding of excessive gizmos, as they might not be welcomed by the viewers.


Framing the set of actions:


It is evident that there would be subtle changes incorporated in the website once it has been launched. Though they don’t affect the codes directly, but keeping a space for expansion while using wireframes and the concepts is always welcomed. If you want that your website should be performing high and should grow, which definitely every designer / developer would want, it is recommended that the design should be modular. Now when I lay stress on Modular, I mean that the communication style and the accessibility to the content should be liberated of the design. Working up with these modular components, would prepare the content for future!


Bordering with mock-ups:


Most of the designers, those who have a strong grip over the software, pounce directly on them for creating the designs. Like as I have already mentioned that it doesn’t matter whether you are using HTML or CSS, just stabilize the design with the same concept throughout the site. Before you jump for the actual designing, have few mockups ready by using pen and paper. Those who are hi-tech, they might opt for using software to create the mockups. These mockups should be based on the modularity. The best artistic person is known for coming with exceptional design even under pressure. And for sure, you will never be disappointed by your creations.




Once the design has been laid, now it is the time to turn towards the keyboard for designing the code for some the sexy and slim styles that we have been bragging about! There are loads of pre-made solutions that are available in the market, but please don’t copy them, without knowing for what function are they! And the best way to avoid doing this is to be crystal clear with what you are up to and what you are trying to incorporate in your website.


The copying of the code is a strict no-no as it creates mess and the moreover it might not match with the requirements or the design. The best thing is to dig into the coding, so that it becomes possible to tweak and twist if needed in near future. Also, we need to keep the forthcoming status of the site, if we don’t retouch it in near years.




While considering the style and the layout of the site, we should not forget to focus on the fragment of typography. For most of the designers planning the color palette is more important. But actually typography should be the first element to be finalized as this effects the coding.  With astounding typography and the appealing color scheme throughout the website, the website can be laid out systematically and be created in a manner that the site is easy for navigation and is interactive.


Once the style sheet has been designed, they can be recycled and reused again and again. You can always add or subtract the features to make it more funky and alluring for the end users. Just remember to follow healthy HTML coding practices and spend more time on the solid designing would enable you to produce the faster pages.




JavaScript is known for being the best when it comes to enhancing the website. And the best characteristic of using it is that it delivers fantastic results and logics that are bit tricky. It also offers a non friendly approach to the human errors and sloppy codes. Using JavaScript is that it might make you lose your focus while designing as it is fun to be implemented and it promotes the usage of cool tools. No matter what you add or what you do with JavaScript, just keep in mind that the code should be left clean and tidy.




Experiment and play around with the each and every stage of the designing and the development of the sites, but keep it simple and clean! I completely understand that abridging the website is one of the toughest things to do, but keeping it precise and elegant opens the door for ample opportunities and aid you in saving lot of extra bucks. All the mentioned aspects might be playing very minute role when it comes to the development or designing of the website, but they do make big difference.


So to get the best follow these basic steps and you would never be discontented with your creation!

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