Boosting up the Confidence in Online Shoppers through your e-commerce website

Building trust of online shoppers is the core requirement for the success of any e-commerce portal. One has to build faith among the browsers with the view to convert them into buyers. If a visitor trusts your e-commerce website, only then he will make a purchase.


Most of the people consider these e-commerce websites as fraudulent or think them as sites backed by fly-by-night companies and hence evoke suspicion. Many online payment scandals have added to the misery of online shoppers. Every now and then, an online shopper is worried about being defrauded on a site, result he shuns shopping cart option.


What are the probable reasons of avoiding online shopping?


Therefore enhancing the confidence of the online shoppers in an e-commerce website is the only way out to build reliability and credibility of e-commerce websites. But the question here arises, what steps are to be taken that could lead to increased trust?


Let’s discuss few things that can be of some help in taking that leap of faith-


Full name of company- The first and foremost thing is to give full name of the company and not just your web domain name. This is very crucial aspect that should be taken into account to build faith among the online shoppers.


Complete contact information- Most of the online shoppers feel cheated due to lack of contact details on the website. An e-commerce website should definitely mention complete address, phone number and e-mail address so that the potential customer can reach you easily. Ideally this piece of information should be available at the bottom of each page.


About us- This page forms the heart of the site. It contains enough information about the company assuring the visitors about the long haul of business. Mentioning founder or owner’s name further strengthens the credibility of the site.


Detailed description of products and services- To enhance the confidence of the online shoppers, make sure you add high-quality pictures of your products. You should be clear and specific about the products and services you are dealing in and should give a detailed description about the same. The more you convey the better image you will be able to frame in minds of the shoppers, that you are competent enough in what you do. Further, it facilitates research work on the part of client and helps him in getting convinced.


Typos- A big no no- Having typos or grammatical errors on the site gives a very bad impression to the users. Therefore, there is no space for any sort of errors on a professional website. Make sure you proof-read your site’s copy atleast twice before publishing.


First impression is the last impression- The overall look of the site should be professional and shouldn’t give an amateurish or vague look. The visitor coming to your website should feel that you are doing real and serious business over here by just seeing your site.


Humanize your efforts- By introducing chat live, speak live and answer live options to your e-commerce websites, it goes humane and online shoppers will have satisfaction that they are dealing with the live person and not any automated machine. It will make you gain their valuable trust.


Add client testimonials- Adding genuine client testimonials is another powerful method of enhancing credibility of the site even it is just one. Gradually as the site increases its operations, more and more customer testimonials keep coming in and generate a track record.


Publish Press Releases- If your company had any publicity in the recent past, you can mention the same in the ‘Media’ section. Publishing press releases gives an impression that the company has huge potential to grow in near future.


Showcase your brand value- If you put a professionally designed logo right beside your company’s name, it will indicate towards your company’s brand value. Sites having logos look credible and reliable.


Social media buttons- Don’t forget to put social media buttons on your portal. It signifies the social validation of the site and showcases that you interact with the members of the public on regular basis.


After- sale services- Most of the online shoppers have issues finding link of refund policy or after-sale services on the site. Therefore, they refrain from buying online. So, if you provide clear link of exchange and refund policy on the site and highlight after-sale service page, the confidence of the online shoppers will be boosted.


If the abovementioned points are inculcated into your e-commerce website, you will be able to gain the confidence of online shoppers. Don’t wonder if buyers on your site start multiplying in number and your revenue graph starts rising.

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