Build Dynamic Motion Websites with Velocity.js

Though Facebook has gained popularity, it is still a static design. No it is not really “not dynamic” in nature, but when you compare it with the motion websites, you would understand what is static and dynamic in there. They are not fluid; they don’t really include design of motion. Yes, Facebook can be considered static in these cases.


Motion design is being considered largely in most cases. Before you understand what motion design is and how it is used, let’s understand the benefits associated with this design.


  • You need to use patterns when you are building user experience as well as user interface in a brilliant way. Look out for responsive motion, and consider how pleasant that would be for interactions. This is why motion design or motion websites are being favored


  • You will find that the whole design is fluid and the content fades in and out to avoid any breaks within the content thus giving it a structure and pattern


  • Colors, sounds and movements can be used with motion websites to improve their engagement levels. You will see that these days fragrance is also being introduced. All this adds to user experience


  • You will see that your websites can be enhanced with animations and motion designs. The users will definitely love the websites


There is a motion website UI that is available for you. This is how you can create dynamic motion websites.


Let us see what is included in the UI pack.


Overview of the UI Pack


Callouts for Design

You will see that the UI pack includes callouts. These work brilliantly with design. You can call the users’ attention to a particular element that will heighten the user experience. You can have shaking elements to introduce errors. You can even introduce flashing that would enable the viewer to see something important. The callouts are incredible and for motion websites they are the highlights



Content transitions are extremely important to any website. you will see that the fade in and fade out feature made available with the UI designs will increase the level of interaction and experience. You can reveal some content and then hide it back it and then reveal it again. This would interest the users and they will definitely want to know more about the content that is spread. This is one way of interface. It is animation at its content level but it includes a brilliant experience.


This is one of the best ways to introduce content transition in gaming websites


How to Use?


When you have the said UI pack, here is how you can use it.


The first parameters of velocity.js are callouts and transitions. The syntax used for comparison include $.animate():


If you want to add effects using the UI pack here’s how you do it

/* Shake an element. */



/* Transition an element into view using slideUp. */



To add effects, here is your code

/* Call the shake effect with a 2000ms duration, then slide the elements out of view. */$elements




To specify the delay in animation using stagger, you can add the following code for your website

/* Animate elements into view with intermittent delays of 250ms. */$divs.velocity(“transition.slideLeftIn”,{ stagger:250});


Enjoy the various effects and motionize your website.


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