Case Study of Kartku : The Impact of Web and Mobile App Development in Boosting the Company’s Brand


In this era of smartphones, mobile applications have become quite popular. Research shows businesses use the web and mobile applications have a higher chance of reaching more people than those that don’t. Online business is visible to more people from all over the world who can access the internet. Customers are able to access the company profile and products with just a touch of their screen. Mobile application development which began with iPhone is growing rapidly and has included other platforms like Android and IOS app development. Mobile apps are easy and convenient to use. Apps are downloaded from various app stores. Some are pre-installed on mobile devices. There are a variety of free and paid apps.


Mobile apps are used by businesses to increase the visibility of the company, create brand awareness and to reach more target customers. Businesses that don’t have mobile apps are not able to enjoy real-time customer’s interaction, unlike their counterparts who use apps. Customers are able to share and refer the company to others. Customers are able to receive instant notifications about special offers and promotions with the use of an app. They also have access to important features like scheduling information about important events. By using the web and mobile apps in doing their business, Kartku was able to grow their clientele and brand. is the website for a business that deals with home and improvement products. More people are able to access them from the mobile devices as well as from their website.



The study analyzed the impact of the web and mobile app development in boosting the company brand, a case study of



Being offline limits the business as they can only reach people who they target through the use of traditional methods of advertising. Customers don’t get instant and real-time information about the company offers events and promotions. A customer cannot be able to give instant reviews, suggestions, and referrals. Constant customer interaction increases customer loyalty. Being online builds a stronger brand as more people get to know about the company and ultimately boosts the profit margins when sales increase. Kartku faced such issues and thus decided to go online.



The Web and mobile app development were used to solve the problem. The following are the major steps they used:


1. Project Discussion

Project discussion involved outlining the major steps, milestones and the period it would take to accomplish each. It is the creation of main face front of the website, the control page and linking it to the app. The app was made available in the app stores for the customers to download.


2. Wireframing

guide depicting the page layout of the website contents including interface and navigational systems.


3. Design

The design stage involved using a unique web and mobile app using specific languages like Javascript, HTML, JQuery, and CSS among others available tools.


4. Development

This involved creation of custom codes to accommodate client’s unique needs. Creation of a layout, features, and functions on the customers’ web page.


5. Delivery

This is the final stage of web and mobile application development and involved testing the new website and app, troubleshooting any problems and making it public.



The Web and mobile development have more benefits than being offline. Therefore, the sooner a business goes online, the better the chance they have of reaching more clients, interacting with them, boosting the company brand and increasing sales and profits. Kartku used web and mobile application development to enjoy these benefits.

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