Common App Development Blunders to Avoid

App development is rightly considered as a flourishing career option and is already attracting youngsters and professionals towards it. However, like every other field, making your mark in the application development field is not easy and there are many reasons for that. The very first reason is the huge number of app developers already dominating the market. Besides, lack of creative ideas, unsatisfactory technical skills and ignoring the needs of the users are some other reasons which lead to the downfall of many designers even before they have settled in this field.


However, rather than feeling discouraged, budding app developers should stay focused on delivering the most interesting and useful apps to their users and avoid some common app development blunders, like the ones mentioned here.


Design is one of the most crucial factors, capable of making or breaking your app. It is understandable that you want your app to stand out from the rest and become easy to notice. However, using colors which are too vibrant or too many features is not a good solution. It will only make your app bulky. Instead stick to elegant and sleek designs. From colors and graphics to layout and font, stay focused on creating a simple and clean app which attracts the users, rather than distracting them.


As soon as a user clicks on your app, a message pops up asking them to register first. What the user will do in this case? He will cancel the message and start looking for other apps which do not force him to register first, even before he has explored what the app is actually about. It is important to generate interest among users about your app and this can be done by allowing them to use it for some time, before asking them to sign up. If the users like your app, then they will surely go ahead and register themselves, thus allowing you to earn genuine and loyal customers.


One of the most common reasons why users dislike an app is the loading time. Incorporating too many features in your app will lead to slow loading, which is the easiest way of putting off your users. If your app does not load in a few seconds, then they will not wait another moment and will move forward to another app. So, do not promise your users that your app will load as soon as they click any link, when you know that it is not going to. Being honest and upfront will help to avoid false expectations, thus avoiding disappointments.


It is no longer a hidden fact that the users look for fast and easy solutions. If you are offering them an app, then it should be quick to load and use, without requiring them to spend hours going through the input forms. Always remember that the users have plenty of other options. So, do not take chances by adding any feature which can take away their interest and increase their likelihood of dumping your app.


The list does not end here, as there are plenty of other errors that app developers make and that cost them a lot in terms of popularity and revenues. Being original and creative is important; however every feature and element should be used judiciously. It is the quality, usability and functionality of your app that should appeal the users, because these are the most essential aspects that will let you sustain for a long time. So, if you feel enthusiastic about app development and can see yourself excelling in this field, then prepare well, gain maximum knowledge and stay away from such blunders.

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