Common Mistake a Web Designer Often Makes

Looking for new Post. let’s  Read  about common mistakes a web designers makes often.


A web design is more than just a layout. It is something which has a great impact on users. Designing a website is a quite challenging job, as we do not have any idea about the screen size a visitor would be using while accessing our website.


Previously, most of the designs were based on general assumptions regarding screen types, size or other input types. But, due to the advancements in technology, various devices with different features and screen sizes have been innovated. With this, the whole process of web designing has changed as the general theories have turned out to be unreliable. Many designers are not aware about those defaults and still follow the old process to design a website. To avoid this sort of blunder, we need to upgrade ourselves in terms of designing a website.


Apart from the screen size issues, several new defaults have emerged that create obstacles in the path of successful web designing. Let us elaborate these evasions so that you can understand them in a better way.


Emergence of Small Screen: This is one of the major defaults growing rapidly. Nowadays, users prefer cell phones, tablets, net books, and other small devices that can be easily carried along. To shrink a desktop website into a cell phone size will turn out to be an unpleasant experience, as viewer will not able to see the entire website properly. To avoid this unpleasant situation, one has to design a responsive website that fits on all types of screens. One should start designing a website that can be easily accessible on all devices, whether big or small.


Content: This is another common factor that often creates a blunder and forces visitors to leave the page. There are many websites which include header with the logo, footer at the bottom side, along with the navigation option at the top of the website. All this leads to a tiny space for content that contributes to push users to another website. Instead of creating a messy web page like this, it is recommended to come up with a great content that includes an informative description along with a relevant image. This will make your page quite interesting and users would want to stay there.


Activation: With the evolution of touch screens and other mode of activating, have swapped the usage of mouse. These days, people prefer touch pads and other devices that do not need a mouse to click or to activate something. Now it can be done with a simple touch or by swiping your fingers. So it is important for a designer to keep this factor in mind while designing a website. Make sure to develop a solution to activate things without the use of a mouse so that people using touch screens can also access your website easily.


These three factors are considered major defaults that can make or break your website. So, next time before designing a website, make sure to consider all the above points to enhance your online presence.


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