Common web page design errors that will have readers running for the hills

While the internet is a wonderful place for businesses and every second person on the street to offer some kind of product and service, it is not a place for individuals who do not truly know what they are doing. A well known Web Design company in India has to agree that one thing to remember when looking to advertise via the web is that internet users are becoming more educated on what is acceptable and what is not. In fact most will not tolerate having their time wasted; and several actually browse the internet with their image searches disabled, therefore it is vital that your site is able to capture your readers’ attention.


So what has caused users to become so intolerant of websites that simply do not function properly or offer bad graphics? To correctly assess the situation one needs to bear in mind what the main reason form people are to log onto the web and enter a search! There are several reasons but the main ones are:


  • To get information
  • For educational purposes
  • To purchase a specific item


Looking at these main reasons it makes sense that your website should in fact be designed with these main features in mind. Therefore, if you are offering a product, make sure that your readers know that; if your site is purely educational or informative then once again create your design around the primary functions of your site.


DIY versus Professional designers


While there are several very common design mistakes that most people make, the first and foremost one that we think needs to be addressed is the whole new DIY website trend. Ok, so maybe they are ok for one man businesses to use, but if you are serious about creating a reputable online company then your web page needs to reflect that. Here are a few common problems associated with DIY web design sites:


  • User have limited templates
  • SEO optimization is limited
  • Graphics may not be up to standard
  • Growth potential of the web page may be limited as to the amount of traffic it can receive
  • Someone else may end up with a webpage that looks identical to yours
  • You may be forced to have a sub-domain registration


The above problems are truly only a handful of the issues that most users will face when opting to use these sites. Template usage may be an easy way for someone to learn how to do web designing but in all honesty free equates too cheap and equals an unattractive web page. So rather get a free quote which most web design companies will offer and see what a truly professional page will truly cost.


Page functionality and set up


Another issue that many web users have is a page that does not load correctly or that redirects them to another site. Most people agree that when they see that “redirecting to” message they simply close the tab; and this is also partly in fear of what might pop up on the other end. So as a rule rather do not redirect or open any tab on your page in a new tab. If users would like to go back to your original page they will do so via the back button or you can be clever and add a huge back button to the bottom of your page links.


When it comes to how your page navigates and performs it is vitally important the each element on your page flows correctly and does so in the least amount of time. Give your visitors options but do not overwhelm them with hundreds of tabs and info that simply does not appeal to what they are looking for.


In fact, a good web designer will be able to say everything about your company, products and services in one single page. Bearing this in mind you can put all that additional stuff that will simply make your page cluttered and overwhelm the readers’ senses into separate tabs.


Vital information that you should have on your page


There are of course a lot of opinions on what exactly you should have on your page but let’s just be honest here:


If a reader has come to your page then chances are that they are there for a reason and will know exactly what they want. So have these basic tabs:

  1. About Us
  2. Products and Services
  3. Contact Us
  4. Overview
  5. Check out or cart




Multiple plug-INS is an absolute must have for any web page’s design and one thing that every professional designer will know how to do is enable multiple device plug-INS What this means is that your web site should operate and open on any device anywhere, anytime without any delays or errors.


So perhaps now you are realizing why a professional team of designers may well be worth the money, right?




Ok so with today’s advanced technology everyone is probably almost half the time opening their browser on an HD screen or device which means that you want to make a good impression and have the best graphics designer work on some “blow them away” 3D design. This is all good and well if you are trying to sell your design companies services or actually offer the latest HD products; but if you are only selling an eBook or service why would you risk your page loading at a slower rate due to the graphics being too large?


A good website will have the perfect mix of graphics and interesting content; and when combined correctly like the Web Design company India does so expertly, then there is nothing that can stand in your way from making that all important first impression that will last a lifetime.


But in all honesty if you want a group of dedicated individuals who are only too aware of how low down and boring a poorly designed web page can be; then rather get experts with a focus on being the best. For this you can simply head to This is the one way to ensure that your web page will truly stand out from the crowd.

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