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Students, fresh from their graduation, are all set to catch the right place in the career market as soon as possible. Once they get inside, then climbing over the ladder is not a difficult thing at all. Finding the ‘right’ job is the big thing they face immediately and it is really wonderful when each candidate hits the ball. It is been a tough play all due to the competition.


It is not enough with just having the stuff the employers need. It is much important to exhibit or showcase their stuff to the viable people. In that too, each and every candidate has to outsmart other competitors.  It is only through an effective and modern portfolio that a candidate can throw limelight on himself and make the employers pay attention on him. Then it is up to the candidate to land in the place of his desire. The portfolio of any candidate is instrumental in buying him the much required space ‘a space reserved only for the candidate’ where he can comfortably utilize it for his benefit.


Not only fresh graduates. People who already started their career also need to build their portfolio to find better prospects or to climb up in their ladder.


Portfolio, being such an important instrument in one’s life, must be given due attention while one creates it. Before starting to create, one has to understand the need for a portfolio. Why employers are not satisfied with just a simple CV or resume?  Think of a resume with attachments and the difficulties of the employer in going through it.  Yes. Being the collection of things arranged in a nice, easy manner, a portfolio is the right thing for the employers to view and understand the candidate in a better sense.


Portfolios are much in demand where creativity is involved. Nowadays, people prefer to have digital portfolios instead of printed or physical portfolios. Portfolio websites help a lot for creative candidates like artists and architects. Having an effective digital portfolio has many advantages.It is very easy to show to those people who are in different countries. By just giving the website address or sending the link in the email, these portfolios can be viewed by any number of persons at a time wherever they are. More importantly, carrying the portfolios everywhere physically is eliminated. Just a stylish visiting card is enough.


Not only employers who need to evaluate your abilities view your portfolio but also the entire public who are interested in the field can view your portfolio. This increases the possibility of getting employed.When we think of disadvantages of the digital portfolio, the very nature that got appreciation for attracting large number of people may turn out to be a minus point. People may copy the ideas and content.


Nevertheless, simple but effective portfolios are necessary for the people who are in the creative industry. Employers who are in the field of art, journalism, advertising, media, architecture and interior designing are much impressed with good portfolios in their quest to seek the best candidates.


Tips for candidates to create an effective digital portfolio:


 Keep your portfolio simple and neat

Yes. This is very important. Many candidates make the mistake of designing their websites with stunning graphics and animation effects to impress the employers. However, these are distractions that many employers feel irritated. Keep in mind that employers must be impressed by your work, skills and talents displayed and not by the graphics and beautiful design of your website. Sometimes there is a danger of underestimating your work due to the greatness of the website. Hence, it is always safe to present your portfolio in a simple, neat and elegant website.


Keep the size small

Do not put every work of yours in the portfolio. Of course, you love your creations and do not want to show discrimination between them but think from the employers view. They need to be impressed and not to be exhausted. Moreover, there may be risk in showcasing every piece of your work since they can exhibit your weak points as well. So, think well, discuss with knowledgeable people and find out the best of your creations and exhibit only them in your portfolio.


Keep it up-to-date

Some candidates have a bad habit of creating their portfolios and forgetting them altogether. They keep on referring them without bothering to update the site. An old portfolio without maintenance like not replying to comments, having the old address or non-active email id and anything will definitely create bad impression in the minds of employers. It reflects laziness and carelessness.

It is better to keep on adding new creations using the latest in the field. This gives assurance to the employers that you are still in full form and have not forgotten anything.


Keep it different

There must be something different in your portfolio that can definitely catch the attention of the employers. May be the style, the presentation, the language anything it may be or everything in your portfolio can reflect originality. Unique and original creativity will definitely take you to greater heights.


Keep it complete

Have all the important aspects like resume, letter of recommendation, testimonials and transcripts inside your portfolio.

Resume: Your name, address, contact details must be easily found. Highlight long term goal, educational qualifications with grades achieved, institution studied, past experiences if any and other important activities.

Letters of recommendations: They play an important role in creating the kind of impression you would like in the employers minds. Take good effort and gather letters of recommendations from eminent people in your life circle. They must be sincere and true. Request those people for such letters and give them sufficient time to produce a good one. At least six to seven letters are good for a portfolio.


Above all, be alert always with up to date knowledge in your field and communicate properly to get the right job. After all, it is not the portfolio they are going to hire. It is you, the candidate!

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