Create Infographics With these Free Tools

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If you don’t have to much time to use Photoshop and create something awesome, then here are some easy and free tools to make your work simple.

Although content is measured to the most significant, the skill of our brain to process images improved and quicker than words is undeniable. This is the major reason for the increasing reputation of infographics which have the ability to make any information easy to understand as well as visually appealing with the help of graphics. And that is why these are so loved by web visitors and readers.

This also makes many people think that infographics are simple to create, while these are not. If you want to create something attractive in Photoshop, then it will definitely get time. That is why designers are opting for quick infographics tools to make their work easier.

Here we are presenting you a list of the eight free tools to make your search easier.

Get About

You can sign in with Facebook and use Get About to create modified infographics about the activities you indulge in on social media. In case you are quite regular with your blog and tweeter posts then make sure to make it a daily activity to generate your own infographics.

Google Developers

If you are looking for something easy, free and powerful, then Google chart tools have it all. You have an amazing range of charts to choose from and an equally incredible variety of options for matching these perfectly with the look of your site. By allowing you to connect your data in real time, Google Developers becomes the best infographics generator tool for you.

Free and easy to customize tools are present here to give you a good start. Things such as arrows, connector lines and shapes are available for use in the library, allowing you to customize your text by adding various fonts, text size, styles and colours. Uploading your graphics and positioning them with a single touch is also possible with this tool.


Piktochart is the best tool for turning any boring information into an interesting infographic and that too in a few easy clicks. The customisable editor in Piktochart enables you to do stuff like modifying fonts, colours schemes, inserting pre loaded graphics, as well as other images and basic shapes. The presence of templates with grid lines also makes it easier to align the graphics and resize the images.

A free tool offering you access to an amazing range of charts, maps and graphs, also allows you to upload images and videos for creating interesting infographics. The data can be customized in a spreadsheet quite similar to Excel, which also makes it easier to edit as the look of infographic is automatically changed by the software for representing your data perfectly. Once you achieve the desired look, it can be published to Infogram website, embedded into your own site or shared through social media.

Established in 2011, is a very popular community platform for infographics and data visualization. Along with that it also allows you to share these on social media. The strong community of this website, including more than 35,000 designers, is also capable of matching the ones commissioning infographics, which include brands, agencies, and companies.

InFoto Free

This might not be very versatile, but if you like taking photos with Android phones, and then it is certainly worth giving a try. By taking the EXIF data of your photos, InFoto can create amazing infographics. The interface is great, and the paid version is very reasonably priced at.

Hope this information will helps you lot for  creating Info graphics Free and easily.   Thanks and have a nice day Guys.

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