Creating a Matte Painting – A Digital Designers True Love

Need to know about digital matte painting?
In this post i would be talking about “Matte Painting”… The what painting? you probably would be asking.. but i would not get into any of that. (You should head to Wikipedia if you are still interested where this post is going.


What I consider to be a matte painting is to “create” something from ground up. As a designer, i personally love Matte painting, because it gives me a sense of making something that i actually love doing. Sure, making websites and graphic designs is all cool, but with all the restrictions clients tend to bound you in, sometimes puts a lot of pressure on your creative instincts. When all of this at the peak, then i tend to open up Photoshop on a lazy afternoon over the weekend, and make something that i feel like.


Of-course this is different from artist to artist. Some might like making a collage of vector elements, some painting, some sketching, but for me – it’s creating unreal stuff. The stuff that i don’t come across during my routine jobs.


Today i thought i would make a beginner level info to explain what generally goes into making a matte painting. This is for demo purposes only and simply using Photoshop . Moving deeply into matte painting you would come across stuff like fusion, and other software’s.


So moving on…. What are we creating today?


For a small scene – here were the keywords i thought of.


Indian temple, Rain, Elephants, Storm. (This came because of a documentary i was watching on south India, just before this post)


Time i gave myself to compile elements: 5 mins, To connect all elements: 10 mins.
To the total work done here is 15 mins.


This work is extremely basic and does not have any polishing or coloring done on it.



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