Eight Tips Every PHP Developer in India Should know

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PHP has gained immense popularity in the web development world. And it is the simplicity of this tool which has made it a front runner when it comes to open source programs. If you are also planning to jump into this lucrative field, then here are some tips which every PHP developer in India should know to make his journey easier:

  • When implementing common functionality, making use of pre-built class or function is definitely an advantage. Rather than beginning writing functions yourself, it will be helpful if you first check PHP manual.


  • Also rather than having database string for every file, it is better to create a main file, containing database settings, which you can then include in PHP scripts. In case it is required, then you have the option of making changes later on. It is a recommended option as certainly making changes in one file is easier than modifying several files.


  • A big issue faced by PHP developers is of SQL injections. To eliminate this problem an ultimate solution is to sanitize the data before it goes into the database. Before implementing this step, you should get complete knowledge about SQL injections and how you can keep your application protected from it.


  • In the initial stage of building an application, facing error is certain. Thus keeping the options like display errors and error reporting turned on will help you identify any errors quickly. This step is recommended as being aware of your errors early will enable you to fix these faster.


  • Code commenting is definitely important in scripts, as it helps you remember what the code is about, however overdoing it is not sensible. Make sure that your codes are self-explanatory, to avoid unwanted explanations.


  • Throughout your career you will be coding same things multiple times. Thus it will be helpful if you keep code snippets with you, as these will certainly save your time. You can also take the help of apps, which is a good way to ensure that wherever you are, the snippets are always with you.


  • Most of your work will involve using the editor. So taking out time to become familiar with the features of the editor will prove to be a time saving practice, as it can speed up your work considerably. Reading tutorials and going through documentation will help to streamline your workflow as well.


  • Using a framework for web app development or rapid app development will also help you a lot. By spending some time on learning initially, you can amazingly improve your efficiency and productivity.


Apart from these tips, it is also essential for every PHP developer in India to join and stay connected to a network of PHP developers. Learning never stops in this dynamic and ever evolving field.

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