Elusive and trendy: Some of the finest apps in 3D Modeling

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3D Modeling  technique has embarked imagination of the designers and developers to an entire new level. It has opened immense options for people in all the fields and segments, and the power of its representation is immaculate. Every year, this technique is firming its strong grip in all the segments of market, and gaining an empowering momentum worldwide. Industries like, Real estate, Entertainment and media, designing, games, animation, visual effects and many others have already gained massively by virtue of this technology.


Let’s read more into some of the finest 3D modeling apps that has not only enticed its viewers but has creatively changed the perception of people.


Art of Illusion

Stun and surprise your audience by giving them the visuals that had never seen before. This is a free, 3D open source studio, which packs some elegant features that can turn a normal into spectacular. With easy to understand modules, a person interested in creating something special, can easily download this tool and create Wow effects for their use.


Softimage Xsi Mod Tool

This tool is a boom for game developers and designers. This special kit has some magnificent tools that give designers a powerful medium to explore and exercise some great effects. This tool can be plugged into all the gaming engines; giving artists all over the world power to add some incredibly imaginative special effects.



Zmodeler is another 3D Modeling bonanza for gamer’s all over the world. This tool allows developers to work with some really complex modules and come up with some really special designs. This technology has given some defining images, and has helped game designers develop some really interesting gaming concepts.


Google Sketchup 6

It has breathed new imagination in the real-estate presentation models; a real treat for architects and real estate builders. This software allows them to present their building modules to their clients in a detailed and specialized way. They can cover every aspect of design carefully. Not only for clients presentation, but also for architects this is a real helpful tool, as it allows them to articulate their designing plan is specialized way. It allows them to check all the points involved, and change any part if it doesn’t fit right.



Ever been amazed my animated characters that looks almost real, and asked how it is done? Anima8or is a tool behind it. An amazing software with some exceptionally sophisticated tool that allows animators to come with some awesome animated characters. Not only it allows animators to design special characters with amazing shapes, but also helps give them a real life feel. This is the tool, which sets things into right motion.



This is the 3D modeling software that created a buzz from the day it was launched. Such was its impact, and such is its utility. It is one of the finest tools which give the animated overview of the models that are prepared using it. Again, architects adore its features as it has made their presentations more effective. Even a layman, with its point-and click- animations can understand the effects of this tool, and can use it to their advantage.



People who love mathematics adore this software. This tool allows people to construct mathematical models in three, four, five and six dimensions. This tool has special drawing components that help graphic animator use this tool to maximum advantage. Some of the finest and refined images had been produced using this tool. This tool has revamped the whole idea with which architects now approach their projects. This tool in true sense reflects the power of 3D.


3D like many techniques is changing and shaping our world in a stylish way. Almost every sector in their own unique way is using this technique to reap maximum benefits out for their business.This technique is already gaining a significant stand in the technical market and with time its impact is only going to get stronger and firmer. 3D modeling is real power feature that is going to dominate the coming years in the field of technology.

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