Email marketing: Important tips for creating newsletters

Email Marketing – Way to  Increase Traffic,  But How to  create an effective newsletter which help to  boost traffic and attract visitors. So  here is  some important tips,  i’m sure which helps you lot ..!!!!!!!!!

Newsletters are the emails discharged by the enterprises to spread their word of services and take on the advancements around. They are a key tool for boosting business and immensely important for small scale enterprises or start ups.

Make it easy to subscribe and easier to unsubscribe

Before seeking permissions to roll out newsletters, make sure the reader is not left frustrated searching for the subscribe button. The concerned push button or link should be larger in font so that it appears clearly. Better give a guiding statement along such as ‘Click here to Subscribe’ or Subscribe here.   Also, check for the social networking sites where your company’s page is getting good response. Put up a sign up option there or just paste the link.

Equally important is to make the unsubscribe option visible. Don’t act smart by putting a small tiny link at the corners or at the bottom. If the reader doesn’t wish to continue subscriptions then he will get rid of it any ways. If he doesn’t find the option to unsubscribe, he may throw your newsletters in spam which will indirectly affect your entire campaign. The wiser approach would be to highlight the unsubscribe option.

Publishing calendar

Once a reader seeks subscription, let him know when you will be coming. To preserve his trust, send out a publishing calendar. Subsequently, you must complement the commitments you have made on the calendar. A reader won’t worry much if you don’t appear for weeks and months. He can survive easily since your competitors would be splurging out news updates to him.

Handheld friendly

Most users prefer checking emails on their handheld devices. While you may miss out including a design template for mobiles, the user shall shut the newsletter at once if it doesn’t fit well on his mobile screen. Always remember, mobile phones have a broader reach than traditional laptops or PC’s. More than 50 percent of Americans and British prefer checking mails on mobile phones.

Heavy images are not supportive

Most writers copy paste images in their texts while writing newsletters. While images do leave a lasting impact, they make it difficult for the email to load in time. A frustrated user will not bother to wait for long for the mail to show up. Believe it or not but images were never a marketing friendly tool in the web world. Even the SEO strategies prefer minimal use of images in the website content. If including images can’t be compromised with than make use of the appropriate HTML tags.

Include social media badges

Social media portals can ease on your responsibility since they reach out to a larger number of users than you can even think of. It is a smart move to include ‘Share it’ options in newsletters. This spread your word across different portals and may garner more subscriptions. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are the key players in the business.

Although very obvious but the content remains the king here as well. Make your content informative and precise. The letter should cater to substantial discussions and not just hover over the important topics. Also, outsource the job to a professional writer who knows the bits and bytes of email marketing.

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