Important Tips and Tools to Make Web Designers Life Easier

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In this highly competitive world, everyone is working hard and smart to achieve success and the highest position in respective fields. Digital market is one of the most successful fields, which is gaining immense popularity worldwide. If you are also a part of this and want to make a successful career as a web designer, then here are some important tips and tricks that will assist you to make your life easier.

There are a wide range of applications and resources available over the internet. Here I am providing you a list of few selected tools and tips that are my personal favorite and I hope these short listed alternatives will help you too in appropriate manner in order to achieve success.

Asana With Appropriate Task Management Program

In any case, managing your task is essentially important to make full use of your precious time. Asana is considered one of the most efficient task mangers that allow users to develop different projects with tasks. One can invite team members for assigning them specific tasks and also one can keep a proper track of project development process through regular performance check. Initially, it has been introduced as an in-house project in Facebook, since then it has earned a remarkable popularity among users.

This tool is quite effective and user-friendly that anyone can use it.

One of the most important things in your life (both personal and professional) is your time. There is a finite amount of it and keeping track of what you have to do and by when is vital. For me personally, I love Asana. It allows me to create projects with tasks, invite guests or team members and assign them tasks or keep them updated on what’s going on. Asana originally started off as an in house pet project in Facebook, but since then it really has grown in strength and usability. It’s very powerful, but keeps things simple. I would be lost without it. Moreover, it contains numerous features and benefits that make it a perfect tool to use.

Color and Design

Getting the color and layout is another important requirement for a perfect website. It always has been a little confusing for me to choose the perfect combination of design and colors that should compliment each other. To avoid this situation, I always prefer color scheme designer that guides me to select the complimentary colors. This tool effectively helps you to choose the perfect color combination and adjust them as required until you find the exact appearance you are looking for. This amazing tool allows you to preview your selections so that you can make a choice.

Performance Tuning

It is always important that your site performs well all the time and for this, you need to keep an eye to check if it’s functioning well online. This may sound bit difficult task but there are a few tools that can help you with this. By using Web Page test, you can effectively check if your site is working properly or not. This tool allows you to examine the settings and other scenarios that let you know the actual loading time of your site on different browsers. And the best part of this tool is that it provides you useful tips and suggestions to improve the performance of your site.


Are you constantly working with third party APIs? If yes, then you must be aware of Fiddler, which is a tool for installing a local proxy that will inform you about the files being sent and received through numerous web requests on your site. In addition, you can also use this tool to find out the reason that will disclose why you are not being able to receive tweets from the twitter account and other API accounts working with.

Text Color

It is recommended to choose light color for text appearance. People often make a mistake by choosing same color for text and background with different shades, which makes it annoying. It is better to use contrasting shades to give it a pleasant look and make it easy for viewers to read it.

These are a few suggestions that will definitely help you during your work. If anyone of you is also having such recommendations, then I would really like to hear about them. Feel free to share your views and suggestions.

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