Experiment with online fonts with new app of Google

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Google, in collaboration with Monotype, has unveiled a new and free version of the Typecast app which can be used with Google Fonts.

Typecast app by Monotype became very famous as soon as it was launched, as it enabled people to check out and try innumerable online fonts before they decided to buy them. This year, this app won a prestigious award from .net magazine and that is of the Game Changer of the Year. There is a good news for the fans of this app, as Monotype is now collaborating with Google and releasing a new version of its famous app, Typecast and that too free of any cost.

In this free version, you can choose any font you like among so many present on Google Fonts, with the help of Typecast. Then all you are required to do is follow a link which will take you to Typecast app.

After reaching there, you will be capable of creating text of whichever length you want using this font. Not only that, but there is an amazing variety of type controls as well, allowing you to create clear and easy to read type systems by using various adjustments, like size and weight of the font, as well as line spacing. You can further export your work in CSS and HTML files, properly prepared for production or PNG files, which you can not only share among your network but also merge with other computers.

Quick working

It has been stated by Chris Roberts of Monotype that their aim is to make design creating with the help of online fonts easily accessible for everyone. That is why they have collaborated with Google, so that they can reach to many other designers.

If you are among those who depend on the free typeface library offered by Google for bringing unique and exclusive typography in the online world will become capable of working with these typefaces very easily, as well as create amazing, easy to read compositions, which take very less time.

Premium version

A premium version of the famous Typecast app is also available, so that you can make the maximum use of so many other typefaces being offered, which includes fonts from other providers, like fonts.com, Fontdeck, Typekit and Webtype.

You can also get this app for your use at a highly reasonable price of just $29 a month. You can bring considerable changes to your design by using this app and exploring an extensive range of fonts. With the help of this app you can also save your designs. Not only that but you can also publish your designs to a particular URL and make it easier to share and test it on different devices. It can also enable you to create your very own style guide which you can use for your forthcoming projects to give them a unique and interesting feel.

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