Facebook Insights Leading to Facebook Marketing Success

Facebook insights are full of profound information and can help in tweaking the Facebook oriented social media marketing efforts by digital marketers. But the problem with Facebook insights is that they are very complex and filled with large amounts of data. Thus, it becomes very important to filter through the available data and find out the information which can help you to achieve your overall Facebook marketing goals.


Breakdown of Facebook Insights


Facebook insights can be broken down into following major categories to understand what information you can find under each category.

  • Page level Facebook Insights
  • Post level Facebook Insights
  • People Level Facebook Insights


The goal of any Facebook business page is to make people take action and react to the posts presented on the page. Every business page on Facebook aims at getting:

  • Shares
  • Comments
  • Likes


The more the fans of a Facebook page indulge in, the better it is to attract new fans.

Common Facebook marketing questions answered by Facebook insights


  • Optimal time for posting – This can be looked under the tab “When your fans are online” under the tab “Posts”.



  • Who is liking the page – This question is answered by the basic demographics of the fans mentioned in the “Fans” section under the tab “People”. However, Facebook does not provide very specific information about the fans like their names, job titles, companies etc. It only provides general information about their demographics.



  • Who is engaging with my Facebook page – This question is also answered by the basic demographics information that tells about the resonation of your content by different kinds of people. It can be checked under “People” tab through the section “People Engaged”.



  • How the Facebook page fans are using the content – This is one of the most imperative insights that reveal a lot about the users and their behavior. This can be checked “Reach” tab, where the history post shares, comments, likes is stated. This also tells if the fans are blocking or hiding your content, and when are they doing so.



This way one can easily derive a lot of useful information from the Facebook insights. Moreover, if you are creative enough, you can explore the information which is not obvious and but can be derived using some steps. For example, if you are looking for the answer to the question that what is the optimal number of times to post new content or posts in a day, this information can be derived using the following steps:


  1. From the “Likes” tab, the unlike and unsubscribe rates can be tracked
  2. Now, compare the unlike and unsubscribe rate and compare it against what you are posting, and how often people are unsubscribing to it.
  3. Finally, look out for points which correlate between posting multiple times a day with the days which have a higher number of unlikes and un-subscriptions. This way. It can be easily calculated that “what is the optimal number of times to post new content or posts in a day”.



Similarly, the “Page Level” insights of Facebook give a graphic view of net likes along with information about from where these likes are coming and information about activity on each post. This way, it can be easily checked that when you are receiving unlike or negative feedback, and what type of content is triggering this action. Thus, this effect can be changed by refraining from posting the content on your Facebook page that your audience does not seem to like.


From “Post Level” insights, you can check that what types of posts and content is working in your favor. This page presents colorful insights about types of reaches your Facebook page has and types of actions people are taking. This way, you can understand the types of posts you should indulge into to engage your fans.




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