Facebook Redesigned Facebook Like Buttons

Now Facebook redesign button, Read detailed information Below.

Whether, you like it or not but you definitely use it, just like millions of other Facebook users and now it is going to change. You can view its new avatar here:

The small size of the Like button on Facebook does not signify how popular it is. Every Facebook user makes use of this button to express his or her linking for a status update, a picture or video shared by a friend. It has more than billion views to flaunt everyday and that is just on Facebook. Today every site and blog has a Facebook like button. And now it is being redesigned for the very first time.

This is much more than a slight modification. The Like button’s new design is clearly a complete makeover from the earlier one. You can notice that the very popular thumbs up is no longer a part of new design. It has been replaced with ‘f’ log. Not only the logo but the font has also been changed to the solid Helvetica.

For all the site owners who have the famous ‘Like’ button embedded on their websites, they do not have to worry about getting the logo changed. According to Facebook, the logo will be upgraded automatically, all thanks to the rollout of new button.

Apart from making this drastic change to the highly popular Like button, Facebook is ready to bring about another change and that involves pairing the Share and Like buttons. This step is considered to be initiated in an attempt to encourage website builders to include both these. This might benefit Facebook and its users in many ways, however, there is another aspect that a large population of Facebook users is waiting a verdict on.

That is the much anticipated Dislike button. It is hard to say when this feature will be launched. However, you can always use the comments section to share your views or give your opinion in case you find a blog post annoying or not according to your liking, till the time Facebook gives you the option to Dislike it.

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