Facebook Unveil Edit Posts Feature

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If you have ever felt frustrated due to the auto correct nightmares on Facebook, then there is a sign of relief. The most popular social media giant has recently disclosed a new feature enabling edit option for Facebook posts or status.

This recent update on Android Facebook app enhances the capability to edit the posts and comments along with tap to view all changes made by users. Yet, this update is pending to be enabled on the Android devices.

Facebook revealed that users can effectively use this editing feature on the web and also on Android devices. However, this feature is still missing for latest iOS app, but it will be applied soon. Facebook users will be able to see the option as ‘edit post’ after clicking the drop-down arrow at the top-right corner of the post.

For Facebook, it was always a risky move to enable edit post option, as it can turn out to be dangerous. Suppose, a user posted a status saying, “Who likes chocolates?” and gets thousands of likes and comments, after that he/she edit that post to read, “Who wants to beat up a puppy?”

To report such disputes, Facebook has decided to mark the post as edited so that other users can check the history of the edited post by simply clicking it. In fact, Google+ has allowed users to edit post for some time now and it is also following the similar approach.

Facebook has been gradually providing more capability to users to edit their content. Moreover, users can easily edit the image caption that is viewed as a status update, along with an image attached and can also edit old comments that might have arrived few months ago.

Probably, Facebook has studied all possible misuse and decided that the risk involved by allowing edit post option was slight.

Any user who is found to be purposely misleading followers by nastily editing a post or content would possibly find him with few friends or followers of least value.

For media reporters, this feature may prove to be quite beneficial as, they can easily make alteration or correction without removing the whole content and losing the valuable chat threads.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites across the world. People usually prefer this networking site to connect with others sitting miles away from them. It works as a bridge that connects people from different communities or backgrounds.

Not only this, people are also using Facebook to increase their business links and to promote their brand. Facebook is considered the best platform to advertise your product or business, as you can reach out to millions of viewers by simply making a few clicks.

We believe this new feature will efficiently work and help users to make required corrections in their posts or content on Facebook wall.

What do you think about this latest addition? Feel free to share your personal opinions below in the comment section.

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