Facebook Unveil the New App Store Feature

The social media giant, Facebook has recently announced that it’s going to release an app store displaying the different applications and games that earn great business revenue. Moreover, it will also provide downloading option for different phones and tablets.

The app store is already being launched in United States and soon it will be opened for other regions. It has been said that during the launch of this amazing app store, Facebook will offer approximately 600 apps, which include Pinterest, Draw Something, and Nike+ GPS. In addition, new apps will also be introduced, such as Jetpack Joyride, Ghost Recon Commander and Ghosts of Mistwood.

This will provide you Facebook’s first paid-for apps and developers are permitted to charge for their mobile applications and services. In case, mobile users purchase any app, they will be directed to the iTunes page or at the Google Play store for that particular application.

The company has revealed through its developer blog that to make the social app searching process easier for mobile devices, the app center will be available in the Facebook iOS, Android apps and also on Facebook site. Also, you can send apps that you have searched on your PC to your mobile by simply using ‘Send to Mobile’ option. If the mobile application requires a downloading feature, then you will be directed to the page to install it from Google Play or the Apple App Store.

With this clever move, Facebook has shown that it can endure and flourish in the mobile planetary. There are a number of apps, including Zynga’sCityville that greatly contributes to earn commendable revenue for Facebook. With the help of this recent update, software developers have gained a well-deserved opportunity to sell their apps to users directly over the Facebook. The developer blog also stated that there were many developers who were successfully earning from in-app purchase feature but this is not enough as they want to support many other apps on Facebook that helps developers to get an opportunity to offer paid apps to users and earn revenue through this.

A customer simply needs to pay for the applications he might be looking for on social networking site. There are more than 900 million users on Facebook and the App center will provide them a huge list of apps and games, including Pinterest, Draw Something, Battle Pirates, Spotify, Viddy, and Bubble Witch Saga. Users will rate these apps as per their interest and they need to use their Facebook credit to buy apps, out of which Facebook will deduct 30 percent of the revenue as done with in-apps purchase system.

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that helps you to stay connected with your loved ones. Not only this, it also provides you an opportunity to promote your business and enhance your profit by simply promoting your brand on this amazing networking site. In fact, it offers you great apps and now it is introducing the app service to provide perfect options to software developers to gain profit.

The app store will feature different apps that can be accessed on both computers and smart phones. Facebook is also making a huge contribution to serve people with more advance features and applications in order to remain in the race of advancement. We wish them All the very Best for this new addition and hope that this will prove to be beneficial for developers as well as for users. Until then, let’s wait for this new app store feature and see how it makes a difference.

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