Five Best Feedback Tools for Web Designers

To develop a successful website design project, user interaction and pleasant experience are the key factors to achieve your goal. Effective testing, feedback and then refinement are considered major parts of web design process. Appropriate feedback is must to make this process more incredible as it provides you an opportunity to know about the experience of customer and what are their requirements, which help you to work accordingly.

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Here we are going to share some of the best tools for designing purpose that will help you to come up with a better website that can achieve latent potential. Check out the list:

1. Concept Feedback

The purpose of the concept feedback is to deliver expert evaluation and useful recommendations provided by proficient experts as per their expertise in different fields, such as designing, developing, marketing and entrepreneurship. And the most interesting part is that you don’t have to pay to use this incredible tool and you can get five great concepts that will guide you to post your own project efficiently. Once you will post your project over there, you will get much needed feedback from experienced community along with useful tips that will help you to improve your work to make it outstanding. You can use up to five feedback experts in each category to give different outlook to your project. The feedback will be delivered within two business days.

2. Silverback

Silverback is known as a guerrilla usability testing software, which has been introduced by Clearleft, a web design consultancy. This amazing software is specially created for web designers and developers, which permit them to capture different activities, including screen action, voice recording and video tester. This is quite a reasonable tool for people with low budget and one can set their task as per the schedule by marking them within a session. This does not need any setup and can be simply installed by using your Mac’s hardware. This software efficiently works onLion, mountain Lion, Snow Leopard, and Mac OS X Leopard with the help of a built-in iSight.

3. Five Second Test

The five second test encourages you to transform your website after analyzing the fundamentals of your design. It is very important to find out the liking and requirement of users and what actually they want to see in your design as, it will help you to come up with a great idea that can convey your message to users in the most efficient manner.

To begin with this, try uploading a screenshot and set few questions to get feedback from users. A tester takes hardly five seconds to review your picture and answer the question you have asked. With this tool, you can take an idea if the users are actually recalling your brand slogan and this can be done by testing your brand message.

4. Usabilla
The Usabilla tool is intended to enhance the conversion through visual feedback on website. It can be either live website feedback or during different stages of designing process. Both will help to improve the conversion rate and provide amazing user experience, which is based on particular feedback along with visual setting.

Usabilla Live can be installed by simply adding a small snippet of code on your website, which will enable you to apply the feedback option. This button can be tailored and users can choose and rate all your entries available on the website easily. This remarkable online tool helps you to emphasize on users and due to its automated remote user testing feature it contribute perfectly to get desired results. To make your design more effective, you can integrate these tests in your routine work process.

5. Verify

Verify helps you to collect and examine the feedback provided by users on screen or mockups in real time. This will let you know where users click and what exactly they are feeling about your logo design. By using different tests, you can gather information about actionable data and can sort them as per the outcomes shown by demographics.

Also, there are instinctive synopses available for download, which will indicate the expectation and reactions of users regarding your design. After this, you can easily share your tests with private or public URLs and by using Verify you will favor your team mates to reach on a decision based on precise data to improve the interaction on your website. There are eight different ways to review designs, which also include click test, preference test and memory test.

There are some other tools also available, which include Feedback Army, User Testing, Criticue, Try My UI, Userlytics and much more. With these feedback tools, you can definitely create an amazing design that will communicate your message more efficiently. If you are planning to design a website, then the above mentioned feedback software can prove to be magnificent support to develop incredible website that can attract a large number of users and contribute effectively for conversion.

Stay tuned for more updates! We will be right back with more interesting facts and information to help you out.

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