Five Factors for Effective Mobile Design

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In this tech savvy world, mobile designing has developed intensely. People are looking for more exciting mobile experience and to fulfill this demand, designers are trying hard to produce more effective product. With the technological advancement, users have turned out to be more demanding and looking for more fascinating mobile designs.

The concept of Mobile was first introduced by Luke Wroblewski, former vice president of search engine giant Yahoo Inc. Lately, he has launched Polar, which supports users to create polls regarding on-going issues and get required feedback from others.

Here are 5 important tips recommended by Mr. Wroblewski to develop a great mobile design:

  • Perception is not enough to develop mobile design: Decision based on mere perception is always considered a wrong step in order to achieve success. If you really want to come up with an exciting service or product, then it is essentially required to study the consequences of your ideas before implementing them to create a mobile design. Users always look for an exciting and lightning fast experience when using mobile applications. It is recommended to develop a design that speeds up the performance of your mobile app. Better to adopt new techniques that support the advance settings to produce a pleasant experience for mobile users.


  • Defer signup to advance user engagement: It is quite challenging for an app developer to produce an interface and pleasant experience that forces user to stick to your mobile app. According to Wroblewski, mobile user hardly downloads 3-5 percent app monthly. Out of this, only 48 percent apps are opened merely 10 times or even less, rest 26 percent left alone are only used once. Instead of asking to sign up at the initial stage, give them time to review your services well. Otherwise, users may jump to another app due to frustration. It is recommended to postpone the signup option and let users get a chance to explore your app conveniently so they can actually make up their mind and jump into the signup process to use your services.


  • Emergence of mobile canvas: This is one of the most important features that act as a pillar to improve mobile design. To adjust massive information on a small mobile screen is considered a challenging factor. The emergence of mobile canvas and responsive nature has made a great difference to make mobile experience more pleasant.  It is always difficult to read vast information in small mobile screen and often make it unable to view the required pictures of product or other service that the mobile app must be offering. To avoid this situation, Wroblewski has forced to implement the big-picture approach to come up with effective apps along with better experience.


  • Apply constraints: Restricting yourself to old desktop computing will make your mobile app process unproductive. It’s time for a change and also to release you from old techniques to produce great mobile apps. To match the complexity of this high tech era, you need to come up with more advanced mobile app features that can achieve a remarkable position in the competitive market. Technology has opened all doors that constraint the development of new innovative experiment. So, grab this opportunity and implement your ideas and plans to design an effective mobile experience.


  • Admire the significance of taps: Every action made by a user puts a great impact on his experience of using the services. Whether it is a swipe or a tap, each action determines the user’s experience, either in a good or bad way. If you have created an app that makes user realize that it is worthy, then they will be more cooperative to make extra effort to swipe or tap in search of more information they must be getting about your product or services.All this makes it more important to understand the significance of taps, which will help you to increase the popularity of your product.


Due to rapid advancement of technology, development of stimulating mobile app has created a buzz in the mobile industry. New innovations and high tech products are grabbing the market space increasingly. If you are also planning to try your hand in this field and want to earn recognition in mobile app industry, then consider the above mentioned points to fulfill your desire.

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