Five Ways to Make the Best Use of Fast Forms

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Creating quick and easy to use website forms is not only a developer’s job but even design can make a considerable improvement in usability.

Some consider it crucial to help a user understand the way data that he shares in a particular filed of the web form will be utilized. Later on in this process, it is the designer’s job to analyze the way a user is going to view and use every web field individually, as well as a group.

Indicating help

Many times users are unable to understand a particular field or what impact the data that he enters is going to have. All these things need to be in sync for ensuring a pleasant experience, particularly if the web form being filled is connected to other actions or included in a web app. Helpful text, called microcopy, can also be added near or below the form.

Label alignment

One element that can be controlled with web forms is the speed. The pace at which a user scans or uses a form can be changed just by making changes in the alignment of field labels. A good way to make the form appear to be less time consuming and easy to complete is to design the elements in such a way that the labels and fields get lined up horizontally.

In case the users are required to fill the info precisely and slowly, then the labels can be stacked on the top of form field. It will take more time for their eye to view and scan, thus encouraging users to fill the data slowly. These ideas might be proved scientifically, but have gone through testing. You will also realize that these ideas work when you use these in your usability tests.

Taking a moment to think about the way users view a form, dissect various parts and use it, will help to make your task easier. Take a look at a few examples below:


In Squarespace, the web blog platform, field titles have been placed within the form elements. This not only consumes less space, but also makes the for appear fast and easy.


If you want to see a good example of a form which looks fast, then the form available at Desk, a team and customer support app, is ideal. You must have noticed how it is made clear to the user that his username will also work as the login or domain name of the account.


When a user signs up for Basecamp, a prominent project management app, he is required to fill a form, which boasts a very simple design and is also easy to view and understand.


Virb is a website creation platform. For signing up on this site, you need to fill a form which has been designed in such a way that the form appears to be fast. Also a very clever use of the microcopy can be seen here.


Weightshift, a web designing company, has a project inquiry form on its website and it is good example of how a contact type form should be designed. In this form the help copy and top aligned are mixed under the fields titled first name and last name. this makes it very easy for the users to understand that what they are expected to fill.

When looking at the form, everything should be clearly displayed and all the segments titled appropriately. Users should not be required to spend a long time only understanding the segments or the information you have asked for. This can force them to look for other, easier and simpler options. You will definitely not want this to happen. Collecting information is important for your website. Thus you should attempt to get this task completed without making it look boring or lengthy to the users.

You can visit many other sites and notice how they have used fast forms. You will definitely get many good ideas from them. Then you can incorporate the ideas which you find the best in your forms to make them look easy and simple to your users. This one attempt can make a considerable difference to your website.

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