Four Essential Elements of a Successful Website

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Whether you are a website owner getting your business website designed or a web designer working on an important project, it’s essential to be aware of the essential qualities that make a website successful because a good website is the source of your online growth and an identity of your brand and its services  that you will want to share with the people of the world . In order to make sure that it can serve the purpose it’s designed for, to attract users and generate leads, make sure your website has the following features:

  • Visual Appeal – A website must be able to attract users with its professional and appealing appearance. And this can be achieved by making sensible use of colors, graphics and text. Rather than filling the website with loud colors and irrelevant graphics, its better to stick to a simple and subtle design. Remember, it’s the visual impact of your website which attracts the visitors even before they have browsed your services. If the design of your website is not interesting, then it will never create the desired impact.


  • Content – The users are initially drawn to your website, owing to its impressive design. However, it’s the content that will make sure that they spend enough time browsing your website and know more about the services you provide. Creative and relevant content is the key to keep the users glued to your website, without losing interest. This is the reason content is given so much importance in today’s world. It should be well written, informative, error free and relevant to your brand and services. Avoid large and complicated sentences; instead keep it short and well organized.


  • Functionality – Nothing makes the users lose interest as fast as a slow loading website or links that do not work. Make sure your website loads fast, otherwise your visitors will move ahead to another site in no time. Broken links and confusing navigation are also the prime reasons which can make users leave your website and opt for other options. Everything that a user might be looking for should be present in front of him, without requiring him to navigate through unlimited pages.


  • SEO – Making your website stand apart from your competitors is essential but difficult as well. This is where the role of SEO comes into play. It does not matter if you have the best looking graphics and most interesting content on your website. It will serve no purpose, if your website is not visible to your target audience. SEO or search engine optimization acts as an imperative tool by making your website appear on the top most search engine results. Thus enhancing its visibility and your chances of generating leads.


Design and Development a good website incorporates factors, of which every web designer should be aware. With a huge number of websites present online and many joining this horde everyday, it has become essential for website designers and developers to keep improving their knowledge and technical ability. This will enable them to deliver the most outstanding results to their clients.

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