Four questions to ask before hiring a mobile game developer

What are the main four questions that you want to ask before hiring a mobile game developer?

The advent of smart phones has led to immense increase in the popularity of mobile games as well. This is a highly rewarding domain, which every developer wishes to explore and innumerable individuals have jumped in this arena to earn money.

If you have also decided to join this mobile game development fad, then choosing the most proficient game developer is imperative. However, presence of so many novice and professional developers can make it tough for you to decide which one will be best suited for your needs. Here is a list of the four most crucial questions that you must ask, in order to hire the most proficient mobile game developer.

How much experience you have in mobile game development?

An experienced developer will be capable of using his expertise to bring your idea into reality and turn it into success. Being experienced, he will be aware of common issues which can delay or interrupt the development process and can take required measures accordingly to avoid such issues from arising. Also ask if he can provide services, such as character designing, terrain optimization and 3D animation as well.

Can you please show your portfolio?

While looking at the portfolio, seek diversity in terms of mobile platforms he has worked on, along with the various types of mobile games he has developed. Check if the game developer has ever worked on a game concept such as yours and also analyze the complexities involved in his projects. If possible, try to get a true picture of the work quality of the developer by asking his previous clients to rate his work.

Your expertise lies in which domain?

Check the domain in which the developer holds good expertise, it can be iOS, Blackberry OS, Android or any other framework. Someone who holds expertise in multiple platform mobile development can be considered the right choice for your project. It will enable you to develop a game, which can be accessed on multiple devices and that too at much lower price.

  • Would you provide assistance for uploading this game on app store?

It is a highly crucial question, as you would want a developer who can provide you complete assistance from the beginning till the end of the mobile app development process. Every app store follows some specific guidelines and violating any of these can disqualify your app. Thus, it is important to ask if the developer will upload the game on app store, along with providing support for bug fixing, once the app has been uploaded.

Once you are able to get satisfactory answers to the questions mentioned above, only then you should go ahead and hire a developer who is capable of completing your project efficiently and on time.

The popularity of your game will depend a lot on factors, ranging from designing of characters to coding. Therefore make sure to hire someone who is well aware of various aspects of successful game development, for you to get the desired ROI and earn a good standing in the mobile game development world.

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