Google Goes in Depth with Latest Search Features

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Searching for in-depth articles? If yes, then here it comes. Google has recently launched the in-depth search option that will feature longer and detailed information about a particular topic. Few days back, a popular search engine giant, Google had announced that soon they will roll out a unique feature, which will highlight the in-depth article searched by users.

Google is very much excited about this latest addition and wants to experiment if this idea works and also gains as much popularity as other features. This feature will appear as a new block in response of a search result that will specifically show in-depth articles.Addition of this feature doesn’t mean that it will affect the regular search results.

This in-depth feature may appear close to the bottom of the page, though the exact location has not been revealed yet. You can check the recent update on (the English version). Google said that approximately 10 percent users often search for detailed information regarding a particular topic. There is a strong possibility that stories from well-known publishers, such as Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Forbes might get top listing over the search engine. But this doesn’t mean that stories from less popular publications will get less priority. So, you do not have to worry about it as, you can find some great stories published through less known publication firm.

As, extensive articles back in trend, reader can take perfect advantage of this additional feature introduced by Google.  With the emergence of tablets and other smart phones, it has become more convenient for readers to search for long articles and read them in leisure time.

We all know that Google is one of the most popular search engines all over the globe. It’s not only providing you to find important information required by you but also help you to enhance the online presence of your business or brand. Nowadays, customers usually prefer online techniques to know about any product or business offering their services. As, Google is considered number one search engine, it is essentially important that one should be aware about its overall features and benefits to make perfect use of it.

Here is a list of benefits that you will be getting from this search engine:

Google Places, which is an online advertising feature, replacing old paper phone directory listing. As, Google place is free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about its cost.

• As soon as Google Places listing will be in effect, it will effectively help to boost your    business listing at the topmost position.

• Replacing the old method, this amazing search engine feature helps readers to find complete information of your business, including web address, contact details and product list.

• Your website can gain immense popularity and great traffic with the help of Google features. These are some of the advantages offered by Google along with commendable monetary gains that are required by every business.

Google always comes up with great features that prove to be beneficial for everyone. Recent addition of in-depth articles feature is another great surprise for users who are looking for long and more detailed information about a particular topic. We hope this experimental feature gets positive feedback from audience and also provides sufficient information to users. Let’s wait for the moment when it will be implemented to all domains and people from all around the world can easily access this feature.

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