Google Keyword Tool has Replaced By Keyword Planner

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World largest search engine, Google has just revealed that they have replaced Google keyword tool with newest keyword planner that will assist you from now on. This declaration has shocked many users as keyword tool was one of the major contributors in SEO process. Almost 90% internet marketing experts were using this tool to make their website optimization process more powerful

Google officially announced that the Keyword Tool will no longer be available but latest addition known as Keyword Planner has been made which is a great combination of Keyword Tool and Traffic Estimator. This new feature will provide you new functionality that would be beneficial for you.

Here we will discuss about the positive and negative effects of this recent change made by the search engine giant.

Positive effects of Keyword Planner

This newly invented Keyword Planner will allow local SEO professional to obtain complete keyword search volume information at a city level, along with better geographic division. This will also provide you the capacity to bundle the geographic areas. And to access this feature, you simply need to login to your AdWords account same as Keyword Tool. To choose the match type, you simply need to add the keyword idea to your plan and analyze the traffic estimates for a particular match type. This will provide you precise estimation on how much traffic you can get from diverse matches. Moreover, users will be able to upload up to 10,000 keywords from their list that will help them to track their performance level. This planner will provide you search volume through the landing page, add groups and several other classifications set by the user.

Negative effect of Keyword Planner

Apart from the positive changes, there are a few drawbacks as well in this new feature. In this, you won’t be getting device targeting, no global or local monthly searches options as Keyword Tool. There will be no match type data search volume and you will only get historical statistics for exact matches. As, in Keyword Tool, you had the facility to get the broad search statistics along with the unique match option like exact and phrase.

Here is an example for you: Suppose you are looking for a keyword “Apparel Shopping”. To know about its average monthly searches, Keyword Planner will display the similar stats for all match type, such as phrase, broad, or exact match.

No device targeting facility

The Keyword Planner doesn’t allow users to specifically target mobile or other devices as, it targets all the devices by default. Google has assured users to provide them a feature that will permit to acquire traffic estimates through different device type and can set bid adjustments for their mobile device.

There are some other changes as well that take place in the data columns. Here are some of them:

In this new tool, you will be getting numerous data columns different from Keyword Tool.

Average monthly searches: The Global & Local monthly searches options have been swapped by Average monthly searches column and simplified the search volume data for users.  This latest search volume is comparatively more precise for your target setting. With this you can easily obtain data for whole country or for specific regions within a country.

Ad Impression Share: This column has replaced the ad share option available in Keyword Tool. The ad impression column provides you potential impressions that help you to come up with great strategy.

Network Option: The Google search network has been replaced by network option, which lies within the targeting settings. To use this option and to get data for complete Search Network, go to the Google and search partner’s option for appropriate targeting.

Avg. CPC column: This column has replaced the old version known as Approx. CPC Search option. With Avg. CPC option, you will be getting more precise data in the average cost-per-click column as compared to the approximate cost-per-click option.

These are some changes provided by Keyword Planner to replace the older version of Keyword tool. Let’s see if this new feature can create wonders and grab attention of users. Do provide us your feedback and share your experience with the Keyword Planner.

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