Google To Block Paid Search Keyword Data With Not Provided

The biggest buzz this week has been in the world of online SEO world has been that the paid form of search query data will disappear and that even those who provide third agent tools can be slammed. I believe, it has created quite a stir in the market and it’s necessary that we look into the reality in the matter of keywords (not provided) for paid search. Lets go through the below pointers to have a better understanding of the matter.


  •   Is it still possible to reach my paid search query data– The answer is YES, of  course, with the help of the search terms report options in AdWords.


  • The search terms report options is not new to AdWords – Contrary to popular belief, the search terms report is not new but has been there for quite some time now. However, in the past we use to call it Search Performance Query Report and even today the API version for this report is known as the same.


  • Pros or Cons of using a search platform that is third party in nature – Once again, contrary to popular rumors, those using PPC management platform which are of third-party nature as for example Kenshoo, Aquisio, Marin Software, WordStream, is not supposed to be impacted. This is because these tools are known to enter data for search query through AdWord API.As for example, both for WordStream and Kenshoo, it is be available in both AdWords API and query data that acts as expansion tool for keywords.


  • So what is the real difference – Earlier when we used to click on an Advertisement on Google, it used to divert the search onto the referred URL, but from now on referred URL will no longer carry any search query, in the majority of the cases. This can affect the analytics applications but one can of course use AdWords to search.


  • Reason for Google to make this change – The reason cited by Google to make this change is user security. I think, they want to effectively shut down competing ad networks or search engines to have access in searching data. Customers only can access their search data in AdWords.


  • Those impacted by this move – Any one and everyone who relied on referring UPL for any search query will be impacted.


  • How to have a better understanding of the changes made by Google on this subject – One can go online and read the original Google announcement for further understanding on the subject.


  • You can be sure that paid search query data is not disappearing. There is no change made in search query reports, which is not in API or AdWords.


  • So what is the change when compared to the old system of search– Nothing really is changing for anyone. People will keep on searching keywords and work only may be the route to search is changing. For the greater part of SEMs there is hardly anything huge changing.



These are of course some of the main pointers that you might look after while studying about Keyword Research. Google is upgrading itself almost every day and without knowledge about keyword it would be really difficult for us to survive in the competitive market.

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