Google+ Unveil Embedded Posts

Hi Guys,

Google+ has officially announced a few features, including a creative tool that will help users or bloggers to easily embed public Google+ posts on any website or blog. This exciting feature allows a content creator to efficiently embed any public Google+ post on his website or personal blog.

If you are a regular user of this tremendous social networking site, then this latest addition may charm you and provide you a great opportunity to get more interesting post and updates from other users all around the globe.

People who want to highlight any Google+ post in their personal blog or a news story can easily do it by simply clicking on Embed post tab available at the drop down menu located at the upper right hand side of the post. You just need to copy and paste the line of code available out there to embed that particular post, including images and text.

Once you are done with embedding a post on another site, it would be entirely interactive. This means, one can easily +1 any post, follow and comment on the post author from embed. Seth Sternberg, Director of Google+ Platform stated “We want to make it easy to expand your audience across the web.”  Google+ was working on this feature since long and tested it with some specific publications, including National Geographic and Sports Illustrated. But recently it has been introduced to all, so that everyone can take advantage of this amazing feature.

Google+ is considered as one of the best social networking platforms and recently it has introduced Author Attribution. It is a feature that automatically ties author’s web blog or articles to his Google+ profile. Let’s find out how exactly its works. Suppose you are using your Google+ account to login with WordPress, and then your post will be automatically redirected to your Google+ profile.

This association may prove to be beneficial for authors, as there information will be surfaced effectively when it appears to be quite relevant. For example, user can see your name, image and also a link of your Google+ profile when your content appears in Google searches, Google news section or any other Google products.

This linking process may not be able to show you instant results but in future it may get emphasized by Google on producing content with your real identity instead of anonymous content. So, it is recommended to link your content back to your Goggle+ profile to enhance the chances of appearing in Google search in future.

Initially, this new feature will only unite with two major platforms known as Typepad and WordPress, but Google+ is planning to expand it to other sites in the future.

Last month, Facebook has also made a similar announcement and with this embedded post feature, users can easily grab latest updates and information posted in public profiles on social networking sites. Bloggers and journalists often take the help of social networking sites to increase their news or posts coverage by obtaining comments or other updates posted on sources public profiles.

These days, social platforms are greatly contributing to make it easier for people to grab public content in various forms across the internet. As, Google+ and Facebook has already introduced embedded posts, on the contrary, Twitter has also unveiled a new feature called a Related Headlines, which allows bloggers and journalists to include embedded tweets in their personal stories. If you have embedded a tweet in your post, then a link to that post will start appearing in the tweet’s details section that will help readers to drive back to the story.

I am very much excited to begin with this latest feature as it can effectively help to enhance ones visibility over the internet.

What do you think about this new feature? Will it be up to the mark or just hype? Let us know about your views on this.

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