Matt Cutts Say Google +1's have No Direct Impact on Search Rankings

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Google is a prominent search engine, which has been making considerable changes to its algorithms to offer its users a pleasant experience online. It has launched plenty of new features which are aimed at eliminating useless and inefficient content and give more visibility and credibility to sites which are actually delivering what they promise to their users. Being ranked higher on Google search engine result pages is an ultimate aim of every company and in order to achieve this goal, they adopt a number of techniques, not all of which can be considered ethical.

Till now it was a common misconception among people that Google’s +1 data can influence the search engine ranking of their website. However the air surrounding this misconception has been cleared by Matt Cutts recently. The head of Google’s search team claimed that there is no direct relation between Google’s +1 data and search engine ranking which is assigned to websites.

This is not the first time that search engine ranking has been related to the data of some other prominent website. Some time back a similar correlation study was conducted which claimed that Facebook likes affect Google rankings. At that time as well, all such speculations were debunked by Google, thus clarifying that Google adopts other, more strategically advanced procedures while assigning a particular ranking to a website on search engine results. The recently developed and launched algorithms by Google are responsible for assigning a particular ranking to a website on search engines, without giving much importance to how popular the said content or website is on social media sites. Although it might be an easier way to enhance the search engine ranking of your website, by getting more and more people to like your content on Facebook. However this is not how search engine rankings work.

On the other hand, it is also interesting to find out that the content which has received more likes on Facebook or +1s usually gets ranked better on search engines. However, the reason behind this has nothing to do with the correlation between +1s and rankings, which is believed by many people. The actual reason is that the content which receives more likes is considered to be better, as people usually give preference to the content which is written well, contains valuable and useful information. Thus it is understandable that such content will enjoy better ranking on search engine results. In short, it is the quality of the content which helps it to rank higher, rather than the number of +1s it has received.

However it should also be remembered that Google does not base its rankings on likes and +1s. A lot of other aspects are also considered which ensures that only the highest quality informative content finds a place in the top results. Thus it is recommended to concentrate more on creating quality content, rather than spending your time and efforts on getting more likes on Facebook or +1s.

As companies are striving hard to improve their search engine ranking, they tend to believe any news regarding search engine ranking, however, before you start to modify your practices and adopt techniques which claim to be effective in gaining higher search engine page ranking, it is recommended to confirm the claims. Once you are sure that the said method is actually legitimate and known to influence search engine rankings in a positive way, only then you should go ahead and make efforts to include these strategies in your efforts in order to enjoy better search engine ranking.

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